Publicity and acknowledgements


Restrictions on making public announcements are common in research contracts. The other party’s consent may be required for any publicity, advertising or other public announcements relating to the project or agreement, or for any use of the other party’s name or logo. In some cases this may extend to any publications arising from the agreement (see Publication).

Researchers should be aware of any publicity restrictions and ensure they are appropriate for the project, and that they will be able to comply. If any restrictions need to be imposed on the other party these should also be included. The University will usually require consent before allowing another party to use the University’s own name or logo.


Researchers should check that any requirements to acknowledge another party’s contribution or funding are appropriate, and that they will be able to comply. In some instances, the research contract may specify a particular format or wording for the acknowledgement, or specify particular situations where the acknowledgment needs to be included.

If the University wishes to impose its own acknowledgment requirements on the other party, these should also be included.

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