Conflicts of interest

All University staff members need to comply with the University’s Conflicts of Interest Policy in the management and disclosure of actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interests.

Staff involved in research projects may also be subject to additional requirements imposed by the funding body or research partner, through the research contract or application process. This may require disclosure of any potential conflicts directly to that organisation, before or during a project.

What is a conflict of interest

There is no single definition of a conflict of interest, but it usually includes situations where two or more competing interests arise, or could be perceived to arise. An example may be where a researcher, or their close friend or family member, has some financial interest in the funding body or research partner for a proposed project.

A conflict can involve financial and non-financial interests, and may be direct or indirect. It might include the interests of the staff member themselves, or the interests of a business partner or associate, family member, friend or person with a close personal relationship with the staff member.

The University’s Conflicts of Interest Policy sets out relevant requirements and examples that all researchers should be familiar with. Researchers should also be aware of any particular definitions or legal requirements imposed by the funding body or research partner for the particular project.

Further information

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This article provides general information only. It is not a complete or definitive statement of the law on the subject matter. Formal legal advice should be sought in relation to particular matters.