When engaging the services of a sole trader, partnership or small company (defined as two or less directors/employees) a 'Contractor's Questionnaire and Associated Schedules' must be completed and forwarded to the Taxation Unit, Finance Division, for determination. Contact the Finance Division to obtain document.

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Currently, most documents in this site are available and posted in Acrobat format (PDF). If you have a print disability, an alternative format can be made available by contacting

Contract signing delegation

Standard contracts

Shortform (under $50,000 or a higher amount at the discretion of the General Counsel) - May be signed at your end by relevant officers within the applicable contract signing delegations where no changes are made to the Terms and Conditions.

Longform ($50,000 and over) - Please complete the following checklist and email it to and a long form contract will be prepared for you.

NOTE: This form is not to be used for Infrastructure & Operations projects for which there is a specific Infrastructure & Operations Consultancy Agreement (contact Stephen Morris, Infrastructure and Operations).


  • Proposal to enter into a Contract Cover Sheet (DOCX 88KB) (to be attached to contracts that require a signature under Common Seal, by the Vice-Chancellor, the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), the Vice-President (Administration) or the Vice-President (Finance) and Chief Financial Officer; with a $ limit exceeding $100,000.00 (Not Applicable for Research or International Contracts)
  • Excursion Indemnity form (PDF 22KB)

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