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Lectopia - audio and visual recordings online

In 2013, La Trobe will be changing its lecture capture and delivery system from Lectopia to EchoSystem. In line with this change, subjects will now be designated as "all-in", meaning that if you do not wish to have your lectures recorded you will need to opt-out of the system.

Lectopia is a lecture capture and audio visual delivery system designed to make media available through the LMS.

You can do this one of three ways.

  1. Automatic lecture recordings.
  2. Recording your webcam and desktop via the echo360 personal desktop capture tool.
  3. Uploading other additional resources you have created yourself via the staff tool.

Why use Lectopia?

  • Greater flexibility for students with timetable clashes and work/family commitments.
  • Greater accessibility and flexibility for students with language barriers, learning difficulties and disabilities.
  • ‘On demand’ access to learning materials for both staff and students.
  • Revision opportunities.
  • Opportunities for students to revisit difficult concepts.
  • Further support and delivery of course content and resources for both external and remote students.