Dr Emma

Dr Emma Sherry


Associate Professor

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

La Trobe Business School

Department of Management and Marketing

Melbourne (Bundoora)

Research centres

Centre for Sport and Social Impact


BA, M (Sport Mananagement), PhD



Membership of professional associations

Vicsport Director, Tennis Victoria Director, Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand (SMAANZ) member

Area of study

Sport Management

Brief profile

Emma Sherry is an Associate Professor within the La Trobe University Centre for Sport and Social Impact, specialising in the area of sport development.  Emma has completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne and a Masters of Business (Sport Management) and PhD at Deakin University.  Emma's PhD studies investigated conflict of interest in the Australian Football League.  Emma’s current research interests include community development through sport activities, undertaking a broad range of research projects with national and regional sport organisations in Australia and Oceania, including Netball Australia, National Rugby League, Australian Football League, Tennis Australia and Hockey Victoria. Other recent research has included access and equity in sport participation, sport in correctional facilities, and sport and recreation for at-risk and marginalised communities. Emma is currently supervising a number of PhD students in the areas of sport for development in India and with refugee communities, Para-sport athlete well-being, and elite athlete career transition.

Emma is co-editor for the Journal of Sport for Development and is on the editorial board of Communications and Sport Journal.

Outside of her academic career, Emma has worked in roles in the area of sport facility and event management and recreation management within the local government and university sport sectors.  Emma also sits as a director on the boards of Vicsport (elected) and Tennis Victoria (appointed).  Emma was awarded with a 2014 Victorian Women's Governance Scholarship by the Victorian Minister for Women's Affairs to complete the highly respected Company Directors course through the Australian Institute of Company Directors and graduated from this course in January 2015.

Research interests

Social capital

- community development through sport, social return on investment

Sport development

- community development through sport, access and inclusion through sport, sport participation

Teaching units

During 2017 Dr Emma Sherry is teaching in the area of sport governance to both undergraduate and postgraduate sport management students.

Emma is also the Course Coordinator for the Master of Management (Sport Management) program.


Emma is available for sport development and sport participation consulting.

Recent publications

Journal Articles

Sherwood, M; Osborne, A; Sherry, E and Nicholson, M. (in press). Newswork, News Values, and Audience Considerations: Factors that Facilitate Media Coverage of Women’s Sports. Communication and Sport Journal

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Book Chapters

Sherry, E (2015), “Reflection on Sustainable Management of Sport-for-Development through Youth Re-Engagement: The FREYCA Framework” in Beyond Sport for Development and Peace: Transnational Perspectives on Theory, Policy and Practice, (eds) Hayhurst, L., Kay, T. and Chawansky, M., Routledge, Abingdon

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Research projects

Emma Sherry is involved in a number of research projects with the Centre for Sport and Social Impact.  Details of CSSI research projects can be found here http://www.latrobe.edu.au/cssi/research

Recent research projects partners include:

  • Netball Australia
  • National Rugby League
  • International Cricket Council
  • Australian Football League
  • Tennis Australia
  • The Big Issue Community Street Soccer Program
  • City of Darebin
  • Netball Victoria
  • Hockey Victoria
  • Disability Sport and Recreation