Professor Gillian

Professor Gillian Sullivan Mort


College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

La Trobe Business School

Department of Management and Marketing

Melbourne (Bundoora)


B.Sc., University of Queensland, Dip Psych, University of Queensland, B.A. University of Queensland, Dip. Ed. University of New England, M.B.A., University of Queensland, Ph.D. University of Queensland



Area of study


Brief profile

Professor Gillian Sullivan Mort researches in marketing, social marketing, international marketing, nonprofit, social entrepreneurship, young consumers and branding. She has over 100+ publications including books, book chapters, journal articles and refereed conference papers. She edits the Journal of Nonprofit and Public Sector Marketing and serves on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing and the Australasian Marketing Journal.  Her work on social entrepreneurship is widely cited. Professor Sullivan Mort has received research funding to support her research from the Australian Research Council Discovery Grants scheme, Telecommunications Research Grants, the Queensland State Government Treasury, the Victorian State Government Treasury, the University of Queensland and the Australian National University.


Professor Gillian Sullivan Mort is an experienced educational leader and served on the Executive of ANZMAC 2010 - 2013; as Head of Discipline 2009 - 2014 LTU ; and Head of Department of Marketing and Tourism and Hospitality 2012 - 2013.


Research interests

Consumer behaviour

- International marketing; Social entrepreneurship; Branding

Teaching units

  • MBA- level Marketing
  • Branding
  • Social Marketing
  • International Marketing


Organizational performance and marketing; young consumers; social entrepreneurship and shared value creation

Recent publications

Research Publications since 2007   2 research monographs and 3 Rank A* and 5 Rank A journal articles

Books and Research Monographs

Hume, M. and Sullivan Mort, G.M. (2011) At odds: Examining the impact of on-line gambling on youth wellbeing, Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, ISBN 978-3-8443-2859-2

Hume, M. and Sullivan Mort, G.M. (2010) iwork, irest, iplay: Exploring youth online behavior, Lambert Academic Publishing Germany ISBN 9783838331492

Journal Articles

Weerawardena, J., Sullivan Mort, G., Salunke, S., Knight, G., and Liesch, P.W. (2014) (Accepted and published online) The role of the market sub-system and the socio-technical sub-system in innovation and firm performance: a dynamic capabilities approach, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science Rank A* (Big 5 in Marketing Journals)

D'Souza, C., Taghian, M. and Sullivan Mort, G. (2013) Environmentally motivated actions influencing perceptions of environmental corporate reputation, Journal of Strategic Marketing, 21(6), 541-555 Rank A

Brici, N., Hodkinson, C. and Sullivan Mort, G. (2013) Conceptual differences between adolescent and adult impulse buyers Young Consumers: Insight and Ideas for Responsible Marketers 14 (3), 258-279

D'Souza, C., Sullivan Mort, G., Zyngier, S., Robinson, P. and Schlotterlein, M. (2013) Preventive Innovation: An Australian Case Study on HPV Vaccination Health Marketing Quarterly 30, (3), 206-220

Sullivan Mort, G. Weerawardena, J. and Liesch, P.  (2012) Advancing entrepreneurial marketing: Evidence from born global firms, European Journal of Marketing 46, (3/4), 542-561 Rank A*

Weerawardena, J. and Sullivan Mort, G. (2012) Competitive strategy in socially entrepreneurial nonprofit organizations: Innovation and differentiation Journal of Public Policy & Marketing 31 (1), 91-101 Rank A

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Hume, M. and Sullivan Mort, G. (2011) Fun, friend or foe: Youth perceptions and definitions of online gambling, Social Marketing Quarterly, 17 (1) 109 – 113

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Sullivan Mort, G.M., Weerawardena, J. and Williamson, B. (2007) Branding in the nonprofit context: The Case of Surf Life Saving Australia” Australasian Marketing Journal, 15(2), 108 – 119

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Older publications

Book chapter:

Sullivan Mort, G.M. and Weerawardena, J. (2008) "Social Entrepreneurship: Advancing Theory, Maintaining Relevance" in Sargeant, A. and Wymer, W. A Companion of Nonprofit Marketing. Routledge, London.


Journal articles

Sullivan Mort, G.M. and Weerawardena, J. (2006) “Networking Capability and International Entrepreneurship: How Networks Function in Australian Born Global Firms” International Marketing Review, 23, 5, 549-572.

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