Staff profile

Dr Suzanne Zyngier PhD.

Associate Dean (International)

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce
La Trobe Business School

Martin Building, room 364, Melbourne (Bundoora)


BA, Grad Dip. Lib. MIMS (Hons) PhD Monash University

Membership of professional associations

Academy of Management, Assoc. Information Systems,

Area of study

Management Information Systems

Brief profile

Suzanne Zyngier is Associate Dean (International) and is a member of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law, at La Trobe University, Australia. She has held academic appointments at Monash University and Swinburne University of Technology. 

Her research centres on managing knowledge to support innovation, and on the governance of knowledge management strategies. This has resulted in the development of a KM governance framework detailing the relationship of governance to the effective implementation of KM processes, and in defining the roles and tasks involved at each point of governance: planning and development of the KM strategy and the implementation of that strategy. Prior to joining academia her previous career was as an experienced knowledge management and information services analyst where she conducted her own business as a consultant to the professional, corporate and not-for profit sectors.   Suzanne completed her PhD at the School of Information Management and Systems at Monash University. Her earlier research was concerned with knowledge management understandings and practices amongst Australia's top 1000 companies and as such has a solid understanding of the current status of knowledge management uptake in Australian industry gained on the basis of this survey research and case studies in various contexts. In 2002 she worked on a follow up comparative study of knowledge management status between Australian and European financial services institutions that was commissioned and sponsored by Fuji Xerox Australia. Suzanne has published journal articles in the "Journal of information Technology", "Information Systems Frontiers", "Knowledge Management Research and Practice", the "International Business Review", the "International Journal of Knowledge Mangement" and in "Information and Knowledge Management", she has also published technical reports, several book chapters and has presented papers on her research at national and international conferences and at presentations to industry. Suzanne is currently on the editorial board of the International Journal of Knowledge Management, and is track chair at HICCS, and a reviewer for ECIS, ACIS, and ICIS.

Suzanne’s research specializations are in the following areas: in the Strategic Alignment of Information Systems, in Information Systems Governance in Knowledge Management Governance and in the strategic application of Knowledge Management techniques. She supervises a number of PhD students in these and related areas.

Completed PhD Supervisions

Dr. Ibraheem Alharbi – thesis entitled An Evaluation of the Interaction between Companies’ Privacy Practices and User Information Privacy Concerns in the Success of Electronic Commerce

Dr. Jean Marie Ip Soo Ching – thesis entitled The Salience of External Knowledge, Leadership and Action in the Knowledge Management Life Cycle of Nature-Based Tourism Operators.

Dr. Tharanga Goonesekera – thesis entitled Measuring Knowledge Management Maturity Levels Using Fuzzy Logic Theory

Dr. Andrew Podbury – thesis entitled AFL players as role models: The off-field expectations placed on AFL players as role-models and how this has affected the traditional employment contract

Completed Master of Management (by Research) Supervisions

Merryl Whyte – thesis entitled Applied Intellectual Capital Management: an Australian Public Sector Trial of the Danish Intellectual Capital Statement. Primary supervisor

Daniel Ardianato – thesis entitled Knowledge Management Governance in Cross-Border Enterprise: A Case Study as associate supervisor

Completed Master thesis (minor thesis)

Aarti Nagpal – minor thesis entitled Developing a Code of Ethics for Knowledge Management: An Empirical Investigation

Bahar Amidpour – minor thesis entitled Knowledge Management Strategies and Governance

Latifa Saad Alzahrani – minor thesis entitled Intended belief and actual behaviour in green computing in Saudi Arabia

Michael Moshiro – minor thesis entitled How e-Governance can help to reduce existing problem in Governance in developing countries: Transparency Perspective 5. Hilal Al Hulaily – minor thesis entitled Green Computing: Importance and Techniques, and Individual Awareness.

Teaching units

BUS5KMS Knowledge Management Systems

BUS5BIM Business Information Systems Management

BUS5RIS Research mentods in Information Systems


Recent publications

Refereed Journal Articles

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