Staff profile

Professor Mary Anne Noone Coordinator, Clinical Legal Education and Rights and Justice for Sustainable Communities Research Group

Director, Programs

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce
La Trobe Law School

Room 249 Martin Building, Melbourne (Bundoora)


BA, LLB (Monash) , MA(Conflict Resolution)(LaTrobe)

Membership of professional associations

Global Alliance for Justice Education, International Legal Aid Group, Law Institute of Victoria, Australian Law Teachers Association,

Area of study


Brief profile

Professor Mary Anne Noone coordinates the Clinical Legal Education Program and leads the Rights and Justice for Sustainable Communities Research Team.Her current research focuses on integrated legal services and ethics in mediation. The thread drawing together Mary Anne's research, teaching, professional and community service activities is a passion for improving access to justice and enhancing legal professional responsibility. She is a specialist on the Australian legal aid system, an authority in clinical legal education and professional responsibility. Her research focuses on access to justice and the delivery of legal services, the Australian legal aid system, dispute resolution and clinical legal education. She co-authored a history of Australian legal aid system, Lawyers in Conflict.

In recognition of her outstanding achievements and contributions as a lawyer, to teaching and learning and legal aid research, Mary Anne has received a number of awards. In 2009, she received a Law Institute of Victoria President’s Award for Access to Justice and 2010 she was inducted into the Victorian Honour Roll of Women.   Mary Anne is a member of the Board of Carers Victoria and SouthPort Community Housing Group. She served 20 years on Management Committee of West Heidelberg Community Legal Service, 12 years on the Board of Victoria Legal Aid and was a part-time member of Social Security Appeals Tribunal for 12 years. She is admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Victorian Supreme Court. Mary Anne is currently La Trobe's nominee on the Council of Legal Education.

Teaching units

  • Dispute Resolution LAW1DR
  • Legal Practice and Conduct LAW4LPC
  • Public Interest Law Practice LAW2PLP
  • Issues in Public Interest Law LAW5IPI
  • Legal Rights, Poverty and Legal Services LAW2RPS


Recent publications


Noone M.A. & Tomsen S. (2006) Lawyers in Conflict: Australian Lawyers and Legal Aid Federation Press  

Book chapters

 Noone M.A. and Gibson F.(2013) ‘Going to court: access to legal assistance in Australia’ in Australian Courts: Serving Democracy and its Publics Australian Institute of Judicial Administration  

 Noone M.A. and Bloch F.(2010), ‘Legal Aid Origins of Clinical Legal Education’ in Bloch F.(ed) The Global Clinical Movement: Educating Lawyers for Social Justice Oxford University Press 

Noone M.A. (2007) ‘“They all come in the one door” The transformative potential of an integrated service model: A study of the West Heidelberg Community Legal Service’ in Pleasence, Buck & Balmer,(eds) Transforming Lives: Law and Social Process UK The Stationary Office pp 93 - 112  


Noone M.A. & Akin Ojelabi, L., (2014) ‘Ethical Challenges for Mediators: an Australian Perspective’ Washington University Journal of Law and Policy

Noone M.A., (2014) ‘Legal aid crisis: Lessons from Victoria’s response’ 39(1) Alternative Law Journal 40 - 44 

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Noone M.A., (2011) ‘ADR, Public Interest Law and Access to Justice: the need for vigilance’ 37(1) Monash University Law Review 57- 80 

Noone M.A., (2009) ‘Towards an integrated service response to the link between legal and health issues’ 15 Australian Journal of Primary Health 203-211  

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Research Reports

 Noone M.A. & Akin Ojelabi L., (2013) Justice Quality and Accountability in Mediation Practice: a Report La Trobe University Melbourne Australia

Evans, A.H., Cody, A., Copeland, A., Giddings, J., Noone, M., Rice, S., (2012), Best Practices: Australian Clinical Legal Education, Monash University, Clayton Vic Australia

Noone M.A. with K.Digney, (2010) “It’s Hard to Open up to Strangers” Improving Access to Justice: The Key Features of an Integrated Legal Services Delivery Model La Trobe University Melbourne Australia

Conference Papers  

Noone M.A., (2011) ‘Australia’s New National Partnership Agreement on Legal Assistance’ International Legal Aid Group Helsinki June 2011

Research projects

2012    Legal Services Board Improving the Justice in Mediaion: a practical guide for mediators  With Dr Akin Ojelabi

2012    Faculty of Business, Economics and Law Research Program Team Grant   Justice and Rights for Sustainable Communities with  Basser, Akin Ojelabi, Harris and Vernon

2010 - 2012 Australian Learning and Teaching Council  Strengthening legal education by integrating clinical experiences  Priority Project 2010- 2012 with Evans, Cody, Copeland, Giddings & Rice

2011    Faculty Research Grant Justice Quality and Accountability in Mediation Practice with Dr Lola Akin Ojelabi