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Dr Jill Murray

Associate Professor, Reader

Faculty of Business, Economics and Law
La Trobe Law School

Martin Building - Room 275, Melbourne (Bundoora)


BA (Hons), MA, MSci, D Phil in Law (Oxford)

Membership of professional associations

Member of Australian Labour Law Association; Editorial Board, Australian Journal of Labour Law and Law in Context

Area of study


Brief profile

Dr Murray holds degrees in Law, Arts and Industrial Relations from Melbourne and Oxford Universities. She has published extensively on Australian and international employment law. In addition to her academic publications, Dr Murray has ensured the practical application of her knowledge through a range of consultancies and invited advisory positions. For example, in 2011 she completed (with Dr Deirdre McCann of Manchester University Law School) a report on working time regulation of domestic workers for the International Labour Organisation. In 2012, Dr Murray presented the Australian National University Phillipa Weeks Lecture in Labour Law at the Australian National University, Canberra. 

In 2014, Dr Murray is publishing a chapter in a book of essays written by Oxford University labour lawyers concerning the autonomy of labour law. The book is in honour of the academic achievements Professor Mark Freedland, Professor of Labour Law, Oxford University. Professor Freedland supervised Dr Murray's D Phil thesis. 



Teaching units

Employment and Labour Relations Law

Law of Equity and Trusts



Dr Murray provided research expertise to the International Labour Organisation, the Australian Council of Trade Unions and the United Nations.

Recent publications

BOOKS (examples)

R Owens, J Riley and J Murray, The Law of Work (second edition), Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, 2011.

J Murray, Transnational Labour Regulation: the ILO and EC Compared, Kluwer Law International, The Hague, 2001.


Forthcoming 2014

J Murray, 'The Employer as Fiduciary: Mission Impossible?' in ACL Davies and A L Bogg (eds), The Autonomy of Labour Law, Hart Publishing, Oxford

D McCann and J Murray, 'Prompting Formalisation through Labour Market Regulation: a 'Framed Flexibility' Model for Domestic Work', Industrial Law Journal (UK)

J Murray and A Stewart, 'Regulating for Job Quality: Law and Practice in Australia' (edited book chapter)

J Murray, ‘Taking social rights seriously: is there a case for institutional reform of the ILO?’ in C Fenwick and T Novitz (eds.), Labour Rights as Human Rights, Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2010, 359 – 382.

J Murray and R Owens, ‘The Safety Net’ in A Forsyth and A Stewart (eds.), Fair Work: the new workplace laws and the legacy of Work Choices, The Federation Press, Sydney, 2010, 40 – 74.


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Older publications


Books – (example)  J Murray (editor), Work, Family and the Law, The Federation Press, Sydney 2005, 222 pages [special edition of Law in Context]  

 Book Chapters (examples) 

 J Murray, ‘Labour standards, safety nets and minimum conditions’, in J Riley and P Sheldon (eds.), Remaking Australian Industrial Relations, CCH Australia Ltd., Sydney, 2008, 129 – 138.  

J Murray, ‘Workplace Relations’ in R Manne (ed.), Dear Mr Rudd: Ideas for a Better Australia, Black Ink Books, Melbourne, 2008, 234 – 249. 

J Murray, ‘The Legal Regulation of Volunteer Work’, in Arup et al (eds.), Labour Law and Labour Market Regulation: essays on the construction, constitution and regulation of labour markets and work relationships, The Federation Press, Sydney, 2006, 696 – 713. 

J Murray, ‘Re-labelling the International Labour Problem: Globalisation and Ideology’ in C Daubergne (ed.), Jurisprudence for an Interconnected Globe, Ashgate Publishing, Aldershot, 129 – 158.   

Refereed Journal Articles – C1   Ranked A* by ARC   S Cooney, J Howe and J Murray, ‘Time and Money under Work Choices: understanding the Workplace Relations Act as a scheme of regulation’ (2006) 29(1) University of New South Wales Law Journal 215- 241.  

Ranked A by ARC   J Murray, ‘Work Choices and the Radical Revision of the Public Realm of Australian Statutory Labour Law’ (2006) 35(4) Industrial Law Journal 343 – 366. 

J Murray, ‘The AIRC’s Test Case on Work and Family Provisions: the end of dynamic regulatory change at the federal level?’ (2005) 18(3) Australian Journal of Labour Law 325 – 343. 

J Murray, ‘A New Phase in the Regulation of Multinational Enterprises: the role of the OECD’ (2001) 30 Industrial Law Journal 255 – 270. 

J Murray, ‘The Sound of One Hand Clapping? The “Ratcheting Labour Standards” proposal and international labour law’ (2001) 14 Australian Journal of Labour Law 306 – 332.  

Research projects


Dr Murray is currently researching topics in the legal regulation of working time, the interface between Equity and employment law and the evolution of international labour law including the work of the International Labour Organisation and the European Union.