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Working parents

One in three struggle to balance career and family, research shows Read More.

Judith Lumley Centre Annual Report

The 2014 Judith Lumley Annual Report [PDF 1.8MB] is now available online. In it, you can read about the Centre's research programs, including Transition to Contemporary Motherhood.

If you require an alternative format of the Annual Report, or if you would like to be included on our mailing list, please email us at

'Bubble-wrap' children

We hear so much these days about fearful parents who 'bubble-wrap' their children. So-called 'helicopter parents' try to protect their children from life's dangers and, in the process, prevent them taking developmentally important steps towards independence.

So how much do we actually know about parental fear and its role in preventing children becoming independently physically active? There is surprisingly little quality research examining this.

Preliminary findings from our VicHealth-commissioned study are starting to fill this gap in our knowledge. Read more.

Wedded to wedding: does marriage matter for children?

Family type matters, but it does not determine destiny. If you want to identify children who are at risk of doing poorly, the number of involved parents is a poor indicator. Read More.