The Eco-Corridor Neighbourhood Project

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The Eco-Corridor Neighbourhood project will develop the campus waterways to provide support for teaching, research, ecological biodiversity, amenity and flood mitigation.

The La Trobe University Bundoora campus contains a unique riparian corridor that extends from Darebin Creek and the Sports Park in the south, through the main campus to the Wildlife Reserve in the north.

This project seeks to maximise the benefit of this corridor to the University and its local community by enabling ecological development, increasing campus permeability, improving severe weather event resilience, enabling and supporting teaching and research and improving campus amenity.

In the context of the University’s strategic plan, its long-term master plan, local, State and Federal Government development direction and water treatment and storm mitigation studies, this project will develop a Project Brief and undertake a subsequent Feasibility Study which will outline, through short, medium and long-term prioritized strategies (with associated cost estimates), how La Trobe University will be able to improve and maintain the La Trobe University (Bundoora Campus) Eco-Corridor Neighbourhood, an asset of regional significance.


The Eco-Corridor Neighborhood project will identify campus development projects to develop the Bundoora campus waterways to become an ecological corridor of regional significance

Strategic Statement – The Eco-Corridor Neighbourhood project will enhance and improve the waterways of the Bundoora campus to enable teaching and research assets to support the strategic plan and to enable the long term master planned development of the campus

  • Develop the campus waterways
  • Provide an ecological corridor from Darebin Creek in the south to the wildlife reserve in the north
  • Provide flood mitigation retention and diversion capacity to manage severe weather events
  • Provide water treatment and reuse capability to help reduce the university's water consumption
  • Enable future master plan development
  • Develop teaching and research biozones on campus for active learning

Project status

The Eco-Corridor Neighbourhod project will spend 2017 developing short, medium and long term strategies for development of the campus waterways for delivery from 2018.


The Eco-Corridor Neighbourhod project will provide live, on-campus ecological research and learning opportunities for students and staff.
The development of the waterway corridor will improve the amenity of the campus for staff and students and invite the community into the campus, through improving the exposure and accessibility of the university.

Project consultants

Client: La Trobe University
Project manager: Aurecon
Building services: to be advised

For more information contact La Trobe University Project Manager:

Tony Inglis
0417 305 956