Study Abroad Certificate Program

Get more from your study abroad experience

Study three subjects within a specialisation of your choice, plus one elective, and gain recognition and experience in your chosen study area. We will reward you with a certificate which recognises your commitment to specialist academic areas and enhances your employability. The usual full-time study load is four courses per semester, so you can take an elective from any other specialisation.

Am I eligible?

The study abroad certificate will showcase your expertise in a particular academic area, in which you must have previously demonstrated knowledge. It is essential you have completed at least one year of university level studies, as several subjects have prerequisites.

Entry requirements

As a general guide, La Trobe University requires a C average (GPA 2.5) for entry into the Study Abroad and Exchange program. Entry to individual subjects may depend on prerequisites and class limitations. For ITESM students, we accept institutional TOEFL of 580.

See our English language entry requirements in more detail.


The tables below only list the subjects for each specialisation. You can check the subject description and availability in the Subject database.

Note: not all subjects are offered every semester or at every campus. Please check each subject offering carefully in the Subject database and ensure you meet any listed prerequisites.

Financial Planning


Subject titleSubject code
Corporate FinanceFIN3CFI
Investment and Portfolio ManagementFIN3IPM
Introduction to Quantitative AnalysisECO2IQA
Banking and Financial InstitutionsFIN2FBI
Principles of Economics*ECO2PEC
Finance LawLST2FLA
Introductory EconometricsECM2IE

Financial Services

Subject titleSubject code
International Financial ManagementFIN3IFM
Investment and Portfolio ManagementFIN3IPM
Financial Risk ManagementFIN3FRM
Corporate FinanceFIN3CFI

Human Resource Management

Subject titleSubject code
Human Resource ManagementMGT2HRM
Organisational BehaviourMGT2OBE
Employment RelationsMGT2EMR
Human Resource Information SystemsMGT3HRI
Human Resource DevelopmentMGT3HRD
Remuneration and Performance ManagementMGT3RPM
Strategic Human Resource ManagementMGT3SHR

Business Economics

Subject titleSubject code
Recessions, Inflation and Economic GrowthECO1RIG
Consumers, Firms, CompetitionECO2CFC
Introduction to Quantitative AnalysisECO2IQA
Introduction to EconometricsECM2IE
Macroeconomic Fluctuations, Growth and Economics PolicyECO2MFG
Managerial EconomicsECO2MEC
Competition, Market Failure and GovernmentECO3CMF
Economic Growth and Stability: Theory and Evidence (capstone)ECO3EGS


Subject titleSubject code
Human Resource ManagementMGT2HRM
Organisational BehaviourMGT2OBE
Business EthnicsMGT2BET
International ManagementMGT2IMG
Organisational Change and DevelopmentMGT3OCD
Leadership: What Matters?MGT3LWM
Strategic Management (capstone)MGT3SMG


Subject titleSubject code
Marketing: Defined, Planned and DeliveredMKT1MDP
Branding and Brand ManagementMKT2BBM
Consumer BehaviourMKT2CBE
Advertising and Sales PromotionMKT3ADV
Marketing ResearchMKT3MRE
International MarketingMKT3IMK
Social MarketingMKT3SEM

Sport Management

Subject titleSubject code
Sport PolicyMGT2SPF
Sport MediaMGT2SME
Sport PracticumMGT3SPM
Sport DevelopmentMGT3SDV
Volunteer ManagementMGT3SGV
Sport Governance and StrategyMGT3SGV

International Management

Subject titleSubject code
Foundations of ManagementMGT1FOM
Human Resource ManagementMGT2HRM
International ManagementMGT2IMG
International Human Resource ManagementMGT3IHR
International MarketingMKT3IMK
Strategic MarketingMGT3SMG

International Law

Subject titleSubject code
Legal Institutions and MethodsLAW1LIM
States, Security and International RelationsPOL1SNS
Dispute ResolutionLAW1DR
Principles of Criminal LawLAW1CRL
Principles of Public LawLAW1PPL
International Relations and the Global EconomyPOL1EEH
Diplomacy and StatecraftPOL2DPS
Principles of Constitutional LawLAW2CSL


We are pleased to offer these special scholarships for ITESM students. They are available for Semester 1, 2016 and will provide a tuition fee scholarships of $AUD1000. For more information, visit our international scholarships page.

You must indicate on your study abroad application that you wish to apply for this scholarship. For further information, please contact Latino Australia Education at or La Trobe International at


Study Abroad tuition fees are based on a full-time study load of 60 credit points (4 subjects) per semester. The tuition fees for 2016 (including student amenities fee) are $AUD8600.

How to apply

Download a Study Abroad application form (PDF 1.1MB), complete all sections and email to your ITESM International Office and to La Trobe International at with all the following attachments:

  • a copy of your official academic transcript from your home university
  • evidence of meeting La Trobe's English language requirements, if you are from a non-English speaking country.

Contact us

La Trobe International

T: (+61 3) 9479 2112

Latino Australia Education

Our representatives in Mexico have offices in the following cities:

  • Cuernavaca
  • Guadalajara
  • Merida
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  • Mexico City - Coyoacan
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