Exchange to La Trobe

Study with us on student exchange, and travel while you get your degree. Over 400 students join us each year to study at one of our city or regional campuses.

To come to us on exchange, your home university or college must be one of our exchange partners and you must be nominated by your home university.

Please refer to our 2017 Study Abroad and Exchange flyer [PDF 1.24MB] for more details about the program.


Before you apply

  1. Check you meet the English language requirements and academic requirements. As a general guide, La Trobe University requires a C average for entry into the Study Abroad and Exchange program (GPA 2.5). Entry to individual subjects may depend on prerequisites and class limitations. If you are currently completing, or have just completed your last year of secondary/ high school, you will be required to meet the minimum academic entry requirements for the undergraduate degree program that best matches your Study Abroad program. If you’re not enrolled in a university overseas, you will only be eligible for entry into first‑year subjects or subjects with no prerequisites.
  2. Get your home university Exchange or Study Abroad coordinator to tell La Trobe Abroad about your nomination.
  3. Research your subjects via our online handbook (Undergraduate or Postgraduate) or via our subject search database (see Subject Search Guide [506KB] for instructions). It is much easier to search using our handbook than the subject search database. Ensure you click on the subject codes on the handbook to see more information regarding the subject and expand all the tabs to check details such as availability, pre-requisites, campus, semester offered, overview, etc. To find the right subjects for your program, you must:
    • Check the subject is available for study abroad and exchange students
    • Check you meet the prerequisites for all your subjects. Additional subject information/syllabus must be provided for any chosen subjects that have a pre-requisite.
    • Make sure the subjects you find are offered for the correct semester: Semester 1 (March–June); Semester 2 (July–November)
    • Check the subject is offered on the same campus as the rest of their subject choices
    • Avoid any online subjects as much as possible.

The majority of our subjects are offered over a semester period. A full-time load for undergraduate students for one semester is between 45 and 60 credit points (60 being the standard load). If your home institution requires you to do more than our full time load in order for you to keep up with your degree, we can arrange permission for you to overload to a maximum of 75 credit points.

Apply online

  1. Go to the online exchange application (if you need help, ask your exchange or study abroad coordinator for a user guide).
  2. Register for a User Name and password
  3. Lodge your application with all supporting documents:
    • One academic reference form or recommendation letter
    • A personal statement: one page about why you would like to study on exchange at La Trobe.
    • An official academic transcript from your home university (if it isn't in English, submit an English translation).
    • If you're from a non-English speaking country: evidence that you meet the English language requirements.

Closing dates

  • For Semester 1 (February - June): 15 October (previous year)
  • For Semester 2 (July - November): 31 March (of the same year)


The relevant department is responsible for your course review and approving student exchange applications. This may take some time, but if you have any questions contact us at

Depending on the success of your application, you will either receive a Letter of Offer or a Letter of Offer with conditions. For example, you may be asked to choose another unit, or do an English language unit. We will send you Offer Acceptance Forms including information on Overseas Student Health Cover.

After you have returned your forms to us, we will give you an electronic confirmation of enrolment (eCOE) and you can then apply for a student visa. We will also send you a My Life at La Trobe Guide [PDF 2.69MB] with information on our airport transfers, student accommodation and more.

Costs and scholarships

As an exchange student, you won't pay any tuition fees to us. These are covered by the fees you already pay to your home university or college. You will need to cover other study and living costs while you are in Australia. 

These other costs to consider include the cost of living and Overseas Student Health Cover fees. You may also like to find out about banking and the possibility of gaining permission to work while in Australia.

We offer a limited number of scholarships for exchange students. Eligible students will be contacted by the La Trobe Abroad team.