Gabrielle Crespo

If you are ever lucky enough to become a part of this wildly interesting ride, remember these things:
1. The bus rides, though long and tedious, are totally worth it. Occupy yourself by learning how to peel a mandarin in one piece, and talking to the bus driver to keep him awake/sane.
2. Even if you know nothing about photography, you will learn, and be very proud of yourself.
3. When given the option to climb a mountain…climb the dang thing!
4. Walk around and explore everything. A random walk through Mildura with the boyfriend turned into a photo shoot, which resulted in this photo, and even some portfolio & exhibition shots.
5. The best thing you can do is keep your mind wide open, and frequently check up on it, as to not leave anything or anyone out.
6. Respect. Respect everyone and everything. I mean it.
Love and dead horse,