Elisa Buckner

One thousand one hundred seventy meters, the view at the top of St Mary Peak can only truly be appreciated by those who made the 7km trek there and back. This hike was a big deal for me not because of the potential to take good pictures, but because it was a revenge hike for me after I couldn’t make it all the way to the top at a similar hike in San Diego. To many it probably isn’t that big of a deal but I felt like a failure having to turn around and not make it to the summit. My competitive personality couldn’t forgive myself for not completing a goal, but this hike was different we all made it to the summit and we all had a lot of fun doing it too. To my surprise it wasn’t just an endurance test. The four hours it took to get up there were filled with “bush whacking”, photography, and inside jokes that we could laugh about later. The sandwich I ate at the top might be the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten. I was on a natural high on life and I even texted my friend at the summit saying this time I’ll conquer the “potato chip” hike back in San Diego. It was the most memorable part of my trip and I hope every person gets the chance to do something that will take them out of their comfort zone, and push them to bigger and better heights.