Education Abroad programs

There are many opportunities for La Trobe students to study overseas with one of our global exchange partners. Students from overseas can come to La Trobe and do a short term Study Abroad program ranging from six months to a year. Some short courses are also available to international students.

Study abroad

A program that enables students to undertake either a semester or a year of study at La Trobe University that will be credited towards their home degree. Study Abroad students defer from their home institution for the period they intend to study at La Trobe, and pay international student fees while studying here.

Student exchange

A program that allows students who are enrolled at La Trobe to study at one of our International Exchange Partner institutions or a student at a partner institution to study here at La Trobe. La Trobe has partnerships with over 100 universities in over 30 countries in Asia, Europe and North and South America.