Travel between campuses

Basically, the overriding intention of the Victorian WorkCover legislation is for the Transport Accident Commission to assume responsibility for bodily injury to employees travelling between home and work (and vice-versa), and for WorkCover to apply to travel undertaken during the working day. Therefore, employees injured by motor vehicle, motorcycle, bus, train, tram (ie any vehicle covered under the TAC scheme) would be covered by the TAC insurance for “to and from work” incidents while WorkCover would apply for 'during work' incidents, for example, if an injury occurred whilst travelling between Bundoora and Albury/Wodonga campuses, WorkCover would apply.

If an injury did not involve a vehicle covered by TAC (eg an employee whilst walking to work was struck by a cyclist), the University's Personal Accident Journey Injuries policy (PDF 77KB) would respond.

Motor vehicles

If travel involved a University vehicle, the University Insurance Office would handle all damage to the University vehicle, and if the accident was the University driver's fault, the Insurance Office would handle claims from others for damage to their vehicles.

Depending on the circumstances, either TAC or WorkCover would handle claims for death or bodily injury to the University driver and passengers in the University vehicle, and also any others injured in the accident (eg in another vehicle, pedestrians, etc).

For travel by privately owned vehicle, the University's financial contribution to the employee includes a component for registration, maintenance, wear and tear, petrol and oil and also insurance on the vehicle. There is no University insurance cover on the employee's vehicle, nor any cover for any excess which may be applicable to any insurance policy the employee has on the vehicle, nor will the University contribute to any future higher premiums as a result of a claim being lodged under the employee's motor vehicle insurance policy. This situation applies whether or not the employee claims any travelling allowance.

Similarly, the employee is expected to have third party property damage cover to cover any damage caused to other vehicles as a result of the employee's negligent or careless driving.