Driver's licences

Before any person drives a University vehicle:

  • the proposed driver needs to have an appropriate driver's licence,
  • the employee providing the vehicle has to ensure the proposed driver is appropriately licensed
  • the proposed driver must not have alcohol or drugs in his/her blood immediately before or whilst driving the vehicle

The possibility of an improperly licenced driver being charged by the police is not the only potential problem - if the University vehicle is damaged in a collision where the driver is not properly licensed, the University or its insurers may seek to recover from the driver the amounts they have paid for the claim.

Loss of licence

Anyone disqualified from driving in any State or Territory in Australia or in another country or whose licence or permit has been suspended cannot drive in Victoria.

Interstate or overseas licences

Drivers without a Victorian driver's licence should check to ensure they are not breaking the law - if they do not hold a valid licence or permit and are involved in an accident, they will be regarded as driving without a licence and fined and have to reimburse the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) for any bodily injury claims paid by them and will also be liable for all claims for vehicles and other property damaged due to their negligence.

Section 221 of the Road Safety (Drivers) Regulations 1999 (PDF 145KB) prohibits from driving in Victoria any person who has an appropriate licence or permit issued in:

  • another State or territory in Australia or in New Zealand when the holder has resided in Victoria for a continuous period of more than three months.
  • another country and written in the English language (or accompanied by an accurate english translation) when the holder has held a permanent visa under the Migration Act 1958 for more than 3 months.
  • another country and who also has a current International Driving Permit where the holder has held a permanent visa under the Migration Act 1958 for more than 3 months.

The need to change your overseas driver licence to a Victorian driver licence depends on whether your stay in Victoria is permanent or temporary.

Driving whilst on a temporary visa

If you are in Victoria on a temporary visa, you can drive on your overseas licence (provided it is a current, valid licence) for an indefinite period provided your overseas licence is in English (or you have an English translation), or you have an International Driving Permit.

Driving whilst on a permanent visa

If you are in Victoria on a permanent visa, you can drive on your overseas licence for only three months from the date you entered Victoria or from the time a permanent visa was issued to you. If you want to continue to drive in Victoria after that time you must apply for a Victorian driver licence.

New Zealand residents who hold a current licence are treated as interstate drivers.

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