Overseas travel procedures

  • Staff must apply for travel using the Staff Online system.
  • Further travel information and procedures are available on the Staff Intranet Travel website [Staff only access].
  • Check if there are any Travel Warnings applicable to the country/cities they intend to visit.
  • Staff would not normally be given permission to travel to any area where:
    • Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT) recommends you "reconsider your need to travel" or "do not travel " or
    • where "Citybrief" rate a city as High or Extreme.
    • If this applies to the country of intended travel, justification of why the trip is considered to be essential must be attached to the application form.
    • Refer to Travelling to Risky Countries
  • Staff will also be required to undertake a Travel Risk Assessment (DOC 88KB) to ensure risks associated with their trip are fully understood.

Travel insurance

The University's travel insurance policy does NOT cover family members or spouses accompanying a staff member on a trip. Separate insurance must be taken for this cover.

Travel insurance can be quoted/purchased (from an authorised insurer) online.