All research supervisors

Professor Nick Bisley

Nick's academic interests include International Relations of the Asia-Pacific and globalization and the diplomacy of great powers. Nick is on secondment as Executive Director, La Trobe Asia, until December 2016.

Dr Yangbin Chen

Yangbin's academic interests include Chinese ethnicity, social and educational development and Chinese language studies (teaching Chinese as a second language and Chinese sociolinguistics).

Dr Sophie Couchman

Sophie is currently organising Dragon Tails 2011: Sources, Language, Approaches: 2nd Australasian Conference on Overseas Chinese History and Heritage ( with co-convenor Dr Kate Bagnall. The conference

Dr Elise Foxworth

Elise’s academic interests include Japanese studies and post-colonial studies, with a focus on the Japanese literature written by diasporic Korean writers in Japan.

Dr Bao-Qiang Gao

Bao Qiang Gao's academic interests include international and comparative education, contemporary Chinese education and cross-cultural communication.

Dr Zane Goebel

Zane's academic interests include linguistic anthropology, semiotics, language ideologies, mediatized representations of language use and users and identity.

Professor Alberto Gomes

Professor Gomes’ academic interests include Anthropology and sociology of development and environment; dialogue, peace and conflict transformation; ethnicity and cultural identities, South and Southeast Asia

Dr Benjamin Habib

Ben’s academic interests coalesce at the nexus between environment, governance and security in North Korea, East Asia and beyond.

Dr Nicholas Herriman

Discipline: Socio-Cultural Anthropology. Topics: Religion and Magic; Areas of focus: Asia; Southeast Asia; East Java and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.

Dr Xianbi Huang

"Xianbi's academic interests include social networks, social stratification and inequality, contemporary Chinese society and quantitative methods."

Dr James Leibold

Dr Leibold has research expertise on the politics of ethnicity, race and national identity in modern Chinese history and society, and the intersections between historical memory and ethnic identity in contemporary China.

Dr Wendy Mee

Wendy’s academic interests include studies of society and culture in Malaysia and Indonesia, Science and technology studies in Australia and Malaysia and Development studies, with a particular focus on gender and development.

Dr Stephen Morey

Stephen Morey is an ARC Future Fellow. He researches three language groups in Northeast India: Tai, Singpho and Tangsa, concentrating on traditional songs and ritual texts. He also researches the Aboriginal languages of Victoria.

Professor Kaori Okano

Kaori H. Okano is a Professor in Asian Studies in the School of Social Sciences. She researches and writes in the field of sociology/anthropology of education, youth, women and multiculturalism in Asia (especially in Japan); and comparative

Dr Sven Schottmann

Sven Schottmann’s main research interests are Muslim social movements in Southeast Asia, as well as the range of intellectual and imaginative encounters between Muslims in different parts of the world. He has established a significant pub

Dr Lidia Tanaka

Lidia’s academic interests include sociolinguistics: multilingualism and code-switching, comparative discourse patterns (Spanish, Japanese and English) and discourse analysis.

Dr Dirk Tomsa

Dirk's academic interests include Indonesian politics and society, democratization studies, political Islam in Asia, and comparative Southeast Asian politics, especially elections and party politics.