Staff profile

Dr Susan Lawrence

Associate Professor, Research Postgraduate Coordinator

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
School of Humanities

Martin Building 164, Melbourne (Bundoora)


BA (Hons-Calgary), PhD (La Trobe).

Membership of professional associations

Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology (past president) Archaeology Advisory Committee of the Heritage Council of Victoria.

Area of study

Australian Studies

Brief profile

Dr Susan Lawrence is interested in the archaeology of British colonisation, gender, and material culture studies. Her research has focussed on the Australian gold rush, the colonial whaling industry, the pastoral frontier, and comparative studies of nineteenth-century British colonies. She is past president of the Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology and on the editorial boards of Australasian Historical Archaeology and Historical Archaeology, and has edited special volumes of both those journals. She is a member of the Heritage Council of Victoria’s Archaeology Advisory Committee.

Research interests

Archaeology of Europe, the Mediterranean and the Levant

- Archaeology of British colonisation

Historical Archaeology

- Gender and households

- Industrial archaeology

- Material culture and artefact studies

- Urban archaeology

Recent publications

Lawrence, S and Davies, P 2010, An Archaeology of Australia Since 1788, Springer Publishing, New York.


Lawrence, S, Brooks, A and Lennon, J 2009, ‘Ceramics and Status in Regional Australia.’ Australasian Historical Archaeology 27: 67-78.


Brooks, A, Bader, HD, Lawrence, S and Lennon, J 2009, ‘Ploughzone Archaeology on an Australian Historic Site:  A Case Study from South Gippsland, Victoria.’ Australian Archaeology 68(1): 27-44.


Lawrence, S 2008, ‘A Maritime Empire: Archaeological Evidence for Van Dieman's Land Whaling in the Southern Oceans’, Tasmanian Historical Studies, Vol. 13 pp.15-33.


Lawrence, S 2006, Whalers and Free Men: Life on Tasmania’s Colonial Whaling Stations, Melbourne: Australian Scholarly Publishers.


Lawrence, S 2006, ‘Historical Archaeology and Colonialism, in Cambridge Companion to Historical Archaeology’, D. Hicks and M. Beaudry, (eds), Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (with Nick Shepherd), pp 69-86.


Lawrence, S 2006, ‘Overburden: The Importance of the Archaeology of the Modern Period in Great Britain’, in Cities in the World, 1500-2000. R. Leech and A. Green (eds), Maney Publishing, Leeds, and the Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology pp. 307-320.


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Archaeology: Future Directions, E. Casella and J. Symonds, (eds),  New York,  Kluwer Academic/Plenum Press, pp. 279-300.


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Lawrence, S 1998, The Archaeology of Whaling in Southern Australia, edited with Mark Staniforth, Australian Institute for Maritime Archaeology and the Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology.