Dr Isabel

Dr Isabel Moutinho

Coordinator (Spanish Studies), Lecturer and Spanish Honours Coordinator

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Languages and Linguistics

HU3 201, Melbourne (Bundoora)


LicLetras (Lisbon), MA (Melbourne), PhD (La Trobe).



Membership of professional associations

ICLA (International Comparative Literature Association), APLC (Portuguese Comparative Literature Association), AILASA (Association of Iberian and Latin American Studies of Australasia), EACLALS (European Association of Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies).

Area of study

Latin American Studies
Spanish Studies

Brief profile

Dr Isabel Moutinho did her Licenciatura in Romance languages and literatures at Lisbon University, Portugal, before taking up a lecturer’s position at La Trobe University, Melbourne. Following her early interest in Latin Literature, she obtained an MA degree in Classics from the University of Melbourne. This remains a latent research interest, which has informed her more active interest in globalisation and literature. Since the completion of her PhD, her principal research is on the colonial/postcolonial intersection in various literatures and cultures. Her teaching is equally divided between language and cultural studies.

Research interests

Literary Studies

- African literatures in Portuguese

- Contemporary Portuguese literature and culture

- Cultural memory and identity

- East Timorese literature in Portuguese

- South American literature

Post Colonial Studies

- Postcolonial literatures

Teaching units

• Intermediate and Advanced Spanish Language at all levels.

• Intermediate and Advanced Spanish Culture at all levels.

• SPA2/3PCI - Post Colonial Identities: New Worlds.

• SPA2/3CSP - Cuba: the Special Period.

• SPA2LAT - Latin America Today.

• PTG2003 - Portuguese Beginners.

• PTG2004 - Portuguese Beginners.

• PTG2007 - Portuguese Advanced.

• PTG2008 - Portuguese Advanced.

Recent publications


  • Moutinho, I 2008, The Colonial Wars in Contemporary Portuguese Fiction, Tamesis, Woodbridge, UK, Rochester, NY.

Co-edited book

  • Seixo, MA, J Noyes, G Abreu, and I Moutinho (eds) 2000, The Paths of Multiculturalism, Edições Cosmos, Lisbon.

Book chapters

  • Moutinho, I 2015 'À la rencontre de la différence. Fiction africaine en portugais, in Nos et leurs Afriques / Áfricas de uns e de outros, ed. Ana Paula Coutinho et al.,Brussels, Peter Lang I.A.P, pp. 181-198.
  • Moutinho, I 2013 ‘A new dawn at the edges of the Pacific: the rising literature of East Timor,’ in Littératures du Pacifique insulaire: Nouvelle-Calédonie, Nouvelle-Zélande, Océanie, Timor Oriental; approches historiques, culturelles et comparatives /Literatures of the Pacific Islands: New Caledonia, New Zealand, Oceania, East Timor; historical, cultural and comparative perspectives, ed. Sylvie André et Jean Bessière, Paris, Éditions Honoré Champion, pp. 174-203.
  • Moutinho, I 2012 ‘Modelos europeos y construcción de la identidad caribeña en Del amor y otros demonios,’ ACT22 (Alteridades, Cruzamentos, Transferências). Going Caribbean: New Perspectives on Caribbean Literature and Art, ed. Kristian Van Haesendonck, Edições Húmus, Famalicão, pp. 255-267.
  • Moutinho, I 2011 ‘Fighting Oblivion: Persistence of Colonial War Memory in Contemporary Portuguese Fiction.’ In Legacies of War and Dictatorship in Contemporary Spain and Portugal , ed. Alison Ribeiro de Menezes and Catherine O´Leary, Peter Lang Verlag, Oxford and Bern, pp. 94-106.
  • Moutinho, I 2010 ‘Timor Leste et la réaffirmation d’une identité multiculturelle’ Cultural Crossings/À la croisée des cultures, ed. Raylene Ramsay, Bruxelles & New York, Peter Lang, pp. 167-179.
  • Moutinho, I 2009, ‘The Sea and the Changing Nature of Cultural Identity,’ in Shared Waters: Soundings in Postcolonial Literatures, ed. S Borg Barthet, Rodopi, Amsterdam and New York, pp. 245-260.
  • Moutinho, I 2007, ‘La poétique du langage chez Ondjaki,’ in Littératures africaines au XXIe siècle : Sortir du postcolonial?, ed. A Bekkat, A Bererhi, B Lebdai, Editions du Tell, Blida, Algérie, pp. 159-166.
  • Moutinho, I 2005, ‘Nós e os outros: O Vento Assobiando nas Gruas da pós-colonialidade portuguesa,’ in O Romance Português pós-25 de Abril (1982-2002), ed. P Petrov. Roma Editora, Lisbon, pp. 311-333.
  • Moutinho, I 2004, ‘Exile at the edges of empire,' in Creativity in Exile, ed. Michael Hanne, Rodopi, New York, pp. 71-85.
  • Moutinho, I 2004, ‘De l’autobiographie à la fiction: les «romans» de John Saunana (Îles Salomon) et Luís Cardoso (Timor),’ in Littératures d’émergence et mondialisation, ed. S Faessel & M Pérez, In Press Éditions, Paris, pp. 309-318.

Articles in refereed journals

  • Moutinho, I 2012, ‘Historicity and Storytelling in East Timorese Fiction in Portuguese,’ ellipsis 10: 101-122. (Journal of the American Portuguese Studies Association.)
  • Moutinho, I 2011 ‘Writing the War and the Man in the First Novels of António Lobo Antunes.’ Facts and Fictions about António Lobo Antunes (Special Issue of Portuguese Literary & Cultural Studies 19/20: 71-87.
  • Moutinho, I 2010, ‘The Literary Memory of the Colonial War in Angola,’ in Remembering Angola, Special Issue of Portuguese Literary & Cultural Studies 15/16: 127-150.
  • Moutinho, I 2010 ‘The Fractured Affair of East Timorese Ident/ities’ in Parts of Asia, Special Issue of Portuguese Literary & Cultural Studies 17/18: 357-371. University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.
  • Moutinho, I 2005, ‘Globalisation uncovered: what are the hallmarks in literature,’ International Journal of the Humanities, 1, pp. 1513-1523.
  • Moutinho, I 2005, ‘O escrivão e o poeta no país das marvilhas,’ in Cartographies, Special Issue of Ariane, revue d’études littéraires françaises,18-20: 337-347.

Article in refereed conference proceedings

  • Moutinho, I 2016, 'O trauma do colaboracionista num romance curto de Timor-Leste.' Timor-Leste/ Iha kontextu lokal, rejional no global/The local, the regional and the global, ed. Sarah Smith et al., Swinburne Press, Vic: Timor-Leste Studies Association, Melbourne, pp. 93-96.
  • Moutinho, I 2014, ‘A “geração roubada” de Timor-Leste no seu primeiro romance em tétum: uma leitura de Ha’u Maka Lucas.’ Buka hatene/ Compreender/ Mengerti / Understanding/ Timor-Leste, ed. Hannah Loney et al., Swinburne Press, Vic: Timor-Leste Studies Association, Melbourne, pp. 130-134.
  • Moutinho, I 2012, ‘Despontar do Romance em Timor-Leste.’ Peskiza foun kona ba/Novas investigações sobre/New research on/Penelitian Baru mengenai/Timor Leste, ed. Michael Leach, Nuno Canas Mendes, Antero B. da Silva, Bob Boughton & Alarico da Costa Ximenes, Swinburne Press, Melbourne, pp. 82-86.

Research projects

  • East Timorese literature in Portuguese.
  • Tracing the presence of black characters in the contemporary Portuguese (and European) novel. Globalisation and literature.

PHD Supervisions Completed

  • Dr Meredith Wrigley, 2015, “El cartoneo: from fact to fiction. The waste-picker in Latin American film and literature
  • Dr Kyra Georgi, 2012, “Saudade, lítost, hüzün: cultural identity and melancholic fatalism on the margins of Europe.”
  • Dr Laura Lori, 2011, “Riscattare la Somalia: la letteratura postcoloniale somala in lingua italiana.”
  • Dr Ali Mumin Ahad, 2010, “Somali oral poetry and the failed she-camel nation-state: a critical discourse analysis of the Deelley poetry debate (1979-1980).”
  • Dr Carlos Uxó, 2009, “El negro y el personaje del negro en la literatura cubana: el camino hasta los Novísimos.”

PHD Supervisions Current

  • Gillian Darcy, “Communicative practice as a marker of cultural identity in two bilingual contexts: Catalonia and Valencia.”