Staff profile

Ms Julie Andrews

Lecturer, Convenor of Aboriginal Studies

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce
Humanities and Social Sciences
Department of Social Inquiry

SS 422, Melbourne (Bundoora)


BA(Hons) La Trobe

Area of study


Brief profile

Julie Andrews teaches the first year subject Discovery subject HUS1ABS: Introduction to Aboriginal Australia. This subject is taught across all of La Trobe University campuses. It is a blended subject of online lectures and face to face workshops. The subject is basically a very broad introduction to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues. It is useful for those wanting to know more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples or building upon what they may already know. It gives the student an opportunity to explore the many topics that are associated with Aboriginal Australia. Julie also teaches an On Country subject titled Encountering Aboriginal Victoria: Parallel Systems of Knowledge. This subject is taught at La Trobe University's Shepparton campus and focuses on the history and contemporary Aboriginal community of the township of Shepparton and the Barmah region.

Research interests

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander History

- Aboriginal Australia

Social and Cultural Anthropology

- Childhood

Teaching units

HUS1ABS - Introduction to Indigenous Australia. ABS3EAV - Encountering Aboriginal Victoria – Parallel Systems of Knowledge.

Recent publications

Andrews, J 2008, 'Bringing Up Our Yorta Yorta Children', in Gary Robinson, Ute Eickelkamp, Jacqueline Goodnow & Ilan Katz (eds), Contexts of Child Development Culture, Policy and Intervention, Charles Darwin University Press, Darwin, pp 23-35.


Andrews, J 2006, Film Documentary - Women of the Sun - 25 Years Later, Co-producer and Researcher.


Andrews J 2000, ‘Bringing Up Our Children - Aboriginal Families in Victoria’, Australian Institute Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Studies.

Research projects

Women of the Sun’ film documentary – I am research and co-producer.

‘Bringing Up Our Children’ – Aboriginal socialisation of Yorta Yorta children.One of my current research projects is on civility and social relations in Goa (India) and in Malaysia. It is focused on two inter-related questions: how people living in multiethnic societies manage cultural diversity in ways that avert and avoid tensions and conflict and what sort of strategies people in these societies employ to sustain peaceful, harmonious, and civil social relations with others they perceive to be different?