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Dr Christopher Scanlon

Academic Director, Learning Focus Area Hub

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

David Myers Building (Central) Level 2, Melbourne (Bundoora)


BA (Hons –UTAS), PhD (Monash)



Area of study


Brief profile

Christopher has a PhD in politics from Monash University. He is a journalist and researcher. His current research interests include programming and digital journalism, social media and online audience analytics.

Dr Christopher Scanlon is a writer and commentator whose work has been published in The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, The Punch, The Courier-Mail, The Canberra Times, Crikey, Business Spectator, The Monthly, Overland and Arena Magazine. From 1999–2007, Christopher was a co-editor of Arena Magazine and online editor of Arena until 2009. Prior to joining La Trobe in 2008, Christopher worked at RMIT University's Globalism Institute, conducting research on the links between participation in community and health and wellbeing as part of an ARC linkage project. In 2004, Christopher graduated from Monash University with a PhD in politics. Christopher developed and is Production Editor of www.upstart.net.au, a magazine for emerging journalists.

Christopher has a PhD in politics from Monash University. His research work has appeared in leading academic journals. He has spoken at international conferences in Cambridge, San Francisco, Sarajevo and Durban. His current research interests include convergence journalism, and social media and online audience analytics.

Christopher is a practicing journalist who has written features, essays, opinion and review articles on topics as diverse as the politics of the science of happiness to whether Twilight’s Edward Cullen is a psychopath. His work regularly appears in Australia’s largest newspapers and magazines, including The Age, Daily Life, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, The Canberra Times, The Courier-Mail, and Crikey. He has also written for national political and cultural magazines such as The Monthly, RealTime, Overland and Arena Magazine. He is the author of monographs, book chapters and journal articles.

Research interests

Communication Technology and Digital Media Studies

- Convergence Journalism

- Social media technologies

- Technology as applied to journalism

- Web and mobile production practices and techniques

Communications and Media Policy

- Australian and UK politics and media policy

Media Studies

- Cultural and ideological critique

- Social and political theory

Recent publications

Older publications


  • James, P, Humpherys, K, Mulligan, M, Scanlon C, Smith, P & Welch, N 2006, Creating Community: Celebrations, Arts and Wellbeing within and across Local Communities, Globalism Institute, Melbourne
  • Grenfell, D, Trembath, A & Scanlon, C 2005, Challenges and Possibilities: International Organisations and Women in Timor-Leste, Forum Report, Melbourne, October
  • Mulligan M, with  James P, Ziguras,  & Scanlon, C 2004, Creating Resilient Communities: A Comparative Study of 'Sense of Place' and Community Wellbeing in Daylesford and Broadmeadows. A Report of an Investigation into the Impacts of Globalisation on Social Connectedness in Victorian Communities, Globalism Institute, Melbourne


    Book chapters

  • Ziguras, C, Reinke, L and Scanlon, C 2002, 'Trends in Education for the Book Industry: Australian and International Experiences', in Bill Cope and Robin Freeman, eds. Developing 'Knowledge Workers' in the Printing and Publishing Industries, Common Ground, Altona,


    Refereed journal articles

  • Scanlon, C & Singh, M 2006, 'Theorising the decline of linguistic diversity', International Journal of the Sociology of Language, 182
  • Singh, M & Scanlon, C 2003, 'Managing risks and opportunities in multilingual knowledge economies: The possibilities of ethical investment movement to sustaining biolinguistic diversity', 3L Journal of Language, Linguistics and Literature, 8
  • Scanlon, C 2001, 'A step to the Left, or just a jump to the Right? Making sense of the Third Way in government and governance', Australian Journal of Political Science, 36, 3
  • Scanlon, C 2000, 'The network of moral sentiments: The Third Way and community', Arena Journal, 15


    Conference papers

  • Scanlon, C, 2010, ‘A Nation Tweeting to Itself’, paper presented at the ‘Sharing Our Common Wealth Cultural Institutions’, 41st Annual Symposium of the Australian Academy of the Humanities, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, 18–19 November. 
  • Zion, L and Scanlon, C, 2010, ‘Teaching digital best ethical practice: the challenge and opportunity for journalism education’, paper presented at the Journalism Education Association Conference University of Technology, Sydney, November 24–26.
  • Zion, L and Scanlon, C, 2009, ‘Starting upstart’, paper presented at the Journalism Education Association Conference, Burswood Intercontinental Hotel, Perth, 30 November–2 December 2

Research projects

#ozelection: a nation tweeting to itself A Twitter–Google Map mash-up http://www.upstart.net.au/ozelection/ — 2010  

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