Royal Commission recommendations

The Royal Commission recommends sweeping reforms for Catholic Church

How conservatives use identity politics

Conservatives are using identity politics to shut down debate

Renowned artists unite for Bendigo event

Argentinian artist Alexandra Kehayoglou visits La Trobe Art Institute

Dastyari saga: need for donations reform

NSW senator Sam Dastyari saga shows politicians need to take more care

Impact of same-sex marriage vote

How the same-sex marriage vote will impact human rights and democracy

Researchers explore faith on goldfields

Community asked to share stories, photos and artefacts on religion

Foreign Policy White Paper, power shifts

Australia’s Foreign Policy White Paper has been released

When the US locked up white Australians

White Australians were once locked up in immigration centres in the US

Zimbabwe political situation

La Trobe expert Dr David Dorward on Mugabe's sacking

Mungo Man returns home

La Trobe University Archaeologist Nicola Stern on the Mungo Man

Marriage equality and and discrimination

Australia votes yes, but the battle against discrimination continues

Artist-in-residence and Georges Mora Fellowship Recipient: James Geurts

James Geurts artist-in-residence at the LAI in November.

Trump's tour of Asia-Pacific region

US President Donald Trump's 13-day Asia-Pacific tour

Knowing what is a farm is not that easy

Proposed planning changes causing consternation

China's ambition burns bright

The 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress has concluded.

Guide to the Classics: Virgil’s Aeneid

The Aeneid by the Roman poet Virgil is an epic poem in 12 books.

Bendigo creative arts courses

Bendigo bucks the trend for creative arts courses

Outdoor concert to celebrate La Trobe 50

Arts and music event soundvision a dazzling end to anniversary year

Dove: real beauty and the racist history

Dove, real beauty and the racist history of skin whitening

Straight from the athlete’s mouth

Australia’s sports media landscape could be set for a shake-up

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