University Handbook 2017

Master of Education

Course code/s: Melbourne (EDMEC)

Course Details
Location Bundoora Bendigo
Course/Discipline Coordinator Associate Professor Mary Keeffe
Course Code EDMEC RMEC
Available to International Students Yes
CRICOS 044142M
Course Duration 2 years full-time, or part-time equivalent
Credit Points 240 (120 with advance standing)
Exchange Opportunity No
Leave of Absence Available Yes
Course Queries Current students: ASK La Trobe
Prospective students: Future Students

Course Description

The Master of Education program is designed for graduates with a background in teaching and/or educational administration, or for other graduates with a professional interest in education.  The Master of Education is NOT an initial teacher education program. Please see the Master of Teaching entiries for information about initial teacher education programs. The program offers candidates flexibility in modes of study and subject selection, with the opportunity to undertake professional development in their area of interest. Specialist areas of study available include: Curriculum and Educational Studies; Leadership and Management; Special Education; Language Literacy and TESOL/Applied Linguistics and Student Welfare. Students enrolled in the specialist areas should choose subjects from that specialisation.

Course Requirements

The 240 credit point program may be taken over two years full-time or three to six years part-time. EDU5RME is a core subject for the Master of Education. In addition, each specialist area of study has prescribed core subjects. Students should check the handbook entry for each specialism.

Admission Requirements

Applicants with a three year Bachelor’s degree or equivalent tertiary qualification are eligible for entry to the full 240 credit point program, consisting of 120 credit points of fourth-year level Education subjects and 120 credit points of Master of Education subjects.

Applicants with a four-year teaching qualification, an Honours degree, or a relevant graduate diploma from a recognised university or institution are eligible for advanced standing entry to a 120 credit point program.

Course Structure

The course is available by all coursework, a combination of coursework and a minor thesis or by research. Information about the research degree is available in the Education/research section.

The final year of the coursework program consists of 120 credit points of study, which can be completed by all coursework or a combination of 60 credit points of coursework and a minor thesis.

Subjects are 15 credit points except where indicated.

LTU0AIM is a not-for-credit subject that you are required to complete at the commencement of your first semester. The subject is designed to enhance your knowledge and awareness of issues concerning academic integrity.

Core Subjects

EDU5RME (S1 Bendigo) (WK 10-25 or Wk 37-52 Bundoora)  Research Methods in Education (30 cps)

Fourth year (Level 4) subjects cannot be selected in the final year of study.

Curriculum and Educational Studies Subjects (see also Special Education and Welfare subject selections)

EDU4CPL (WK1) Creating Positive Learning Environments*
EDU5PP (WK2)  Pedagogical Principles and Practice*
EDU5CIE (SUM 1) Contentions in Inclusive Education (30 cps)#
EDU5ESA (SUM 2) Engaging students with Autism (30 cps)#
EDU5TLV Teaching and Learning in a Virtual Environment (Not offerred in 2017)
EDU5STC (S1) Science and Technology in Contemporary Society*
EDU4UML (WK3 or WK4) Using Multimedia for Learning*
EDU5MIL (WIN) Methods in Individualised Learning (30 cps)#
EDU5RSP (WIN) Responsive Schools and Pedagogy (30 cps)#
EDU4CDD (WK5) Curriculum Development and Design*
EDU5CDI Curriculum Design and Implementation (Not offered in 2017)
EDU5PCL (S2) Critical Perspectives in Curriculum Leadership (30 cps)*
S1 = Semester 1, S2 = Semester 2, SUM 2 = Summer Semester 2, WIN = Winter Semester, WK1= Weeks 4 -5, WK2 = Week 3, WK3 = Weeks 21 -22, WK4 = Weeks 22 -23, WK5 = Weeks 30 -40, * = only offered in Bundoora, # = only offered in Bendigo

Language, Literacy and TESOL/Applied Linguistics Subjects

EDU4ILT (WK1) Introduction to Language Teaching*
EDU5DAS Discourse Analysis: Spoken and Written Language in Use  (30 cps) (Not offered in 2017) ^
EDU5SGT (S1) Sociolinguistics in Language Teaching  (30 cps) * ^
EDU5BLE Bilingualism and Language Education (Not offered in 2017) ^
EDU5SLA (S2) Second Language Acquisition  (30 cps) * ^
EDU4EGC (S2) English for Global Communication*
EDU4UET (WK2) Understanding English for Teaching*
EDU5DLL Designing Language Learning Experiences (Not offered in 2017)
EDU5SLL Second Language Literacies (Not offered in 2017)
EDU5DLP (WK3) Designing Language Learning Programs 
EDU5FFE (WK4) Forms and Functions in Language Education
S1 = Semester 1, S2 = Semester 2, WK1 = Week 11-20, WK2 = Weeks 31-34, WK=Week 14-26, WK4 =Week 38-42, * = only offered in Bundoora, ^Students in the Master of Education should note that the Applied Linguistics subjects require a considerable amount of linguistic knowledge

Leadership/Management in Education Subjects

EDU5LTB (S1) Leadership and Teams*
EDU5LDI (WK1) Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion*
EDU5IEP (S2) International Education Policy and Management (30 cps) *
EDU5MOC (WK2) Managing Organisational Change *
EDU5PCL (S2) Critical Perspectives in Curriculum Leadership (30 cps)*
EDU5BSP (S1)  Building Strategic Organisational Partnerships (30 cps)*
S1 = Semester 1, S2 = Semester 2, WK1 = Week 32-38, WK2 = Weeks 20-21, * = only offered in Bundoora

Subjects may also be selected from Curriculum and Education studies subjects, and from Special Education/Student Welfare and Guidance Subjects.

Special Education/ Student Welfare and Guidance Subjects

EDU5CIE (SUM 2) Contentions in Inclusive Education (30 cps) #
EDU5ESA (SUM 2) Engaging Students with Autism (30 cps) #
EDU5RSP (WIN) Responsive Schools and Pedagogy (30 cps) #
EDU5MIL (WIN) Methods in Individualised Learning (30 cps) #
EDU4IS Communication and Interpersonal Skills (Not offered in 2017)
S1 = Semester 1, S2 = Semester 2, SUM 2 = Summer Semester 2, WIN = Winter Semester

Research Subjects

EDU5MTA (S1 or S2) Minor Thesis A (30 cps) ^
EDU5MTB (S1 & S2) Minor Thesis B (30 cps) ^
EDU5MTH (S1 or S2) Minor Thesis (60 cps) *
S1 = Semester 1, S2 = Semester 2, * = only offered in Bundoora, ^ The minor thesis may be taken part-time over one year or full-time over one semester.

Some subjects may not be available.

Classes with less than 20 students may not run.


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