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Master of Applied Linguistics

Course code/s: Melbourne (EMALC)

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Shem Macdonald

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Available to International Students




Course Duration

2 years full-time, or part-time equivalent

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Course Description

This program leads students through an advanced professional qualification in some aspect of language or literacy development to an increased focus on research across the range of concerns related to language in applied contexts. Graduates of the course will be equipped to take positions of responsibility in the planning, administration and delivery of language and literacy programs and will be qualified to undertake applied research relevant to their professional responsibilities and interests.

Admission Requirements

Applicants with a three-year Bachelor degree or equivalent tertiary qualification are eligible for entry to the full 240 credit point program.

Applicants with an Honours degree or equivalent four-year qualification in a relevant area are eligible to apply for advanced standing entry to a 120 credit point program.

Course Requirements

The 240 credit point program may be taken over two years full-time or three to six years part-time.

Applicants with a relevant fourth-year qualification receive up to 120 credit points of advanced standing and take the remaining credit points over a minimum of one year full-time or two to three years part-time.

Course Structure

The course is available by all coursework, a combination of coursework and a minor thesis or by research. Information about the research degree is available in the Education/research section of the Handbook.

Students taking the full 240 credit point program must take the majority (normally two-thirds) of their subjects from the list of applied linguistics subjects below and must also take the subject EDU5RME Research Methods. The remaining subjects can be taken as a Minor Thesis or from other Education subjects.

Subjects are 15 credit points except where indicated.

LTU0AIM is a not-for-credit subject that you are required to complete at the commencement of your first semester. The subject is designed to enhance your knowledge and awareness of issues concerning academic integrity.

Core Subjects

EDU5RME  (S1 & S2)   Research Methods in Education   (30 credit points) 

S1 = Semester 1, S2 = Semester 2, WK = Week

Applied Linguistics subjects

The following two subjects are to be taken in the first year by students taking a program longer than 120 credit points unless specific exemption is granted:

EDU4ILT  (WK 11-13) Introduction to Language Teaching
EDU4UET  (WK 31-34) Understanding English for Teaching

S1 = Semester 1, S2 = Semester 2, WK = Week

The following subjects are offered in alternating years and can be taken when available.

Year A

EDU5SLA   (S2) Second language acquisition (30 credit points) 
EDU5DLP  (S1) Designing Language Learning Programs
EDU5SGT  (S1) Sociolinguistics in Language Teaching  (30 credit points)
EDU5FFE (WK33 – 42)  Forms and Functions of Language in Education

Year B

EDU5BLE Bilingualism and Language Education (Not offered in 2017)
EDU5DAS Discourse Analysis: Spoken and Written Language in Use   (30 credit points) (Not offered in 2017)
EDU5SLL Second Language Literacies (Not offered in 2017)
EDU5DLL Designing Language Learning Experiences (Not offered in 2017)

S1 = Semester 1, S2 = Semester 2, WK = Week

Minor Thesis

Students apply for entry to the minor thesis once they have commenced study and and demonstrate that they have satisfied the eligibility requirements. Students who satisfy the eligibility requirements and for whom an appropriate supervisor is available can vary their enrolment to include the minor thesis. Approved students may take a 60 credit point Minor Thesis part-time over one year or full-time over one semester.

EDU5MTA  (S1) Minor Thesis A (30 credit points)
EDU5MTB (S2)  Minor Thesis B (30 credit points)
EDU5MTH   (S1 or S2) Minor Thesis (60 credit points)

S1 = Semester 1, S2 = Semester 2, WK = Week

Some subjects may not be available.

Classes with fewer than 20 students may not run.



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