University Handbook 2015

Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary)

Course code/s: Melbourne (EBTS)

This course provides you with a secondary teaching qualification that will allow you to teach specific subjects at secondary level. You will choose two secondary teaching methods from a number of disciplines offered by the University. The course includes training in teaching basic literacy to give you the skills to assist secondary students who are not reaching the standards of literacy required of the secondary curriculum. You will have the opportunity to undertake an elective subject that will inform you about alternative teaching models such as VET and VCAL. You will undertake a minimum of 80 days of teaching placements in schools during the four years of your degree.

Professional recognition

The course provides graduates with accreditation to register with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) as secondary teachers in their chosen methods.
Upon course completion each student's academic record is released to VIT for teacher registration purposes. Students who do not want their academic record released to VIT must notify their course administrator in writing or email before the end of teaching in their last subject.

Admissions requirements

Applicants must satisfy normal university entry, including Units 1 and 2 – two units of general mathematics or mathematical methods (either) or Units 3 and 4 mathematics (any), and Units 3 and 4 – a study score of at least 30 in English (EAL) or 25 in any other English.

Special entry provision for NONYR12 is available.

Working with Children Check

The Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development require a satisfactory criminal record check for all teacher education students undertaking practicum requirements in Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development schools. It is expected that equivalent requirements will exist for all other Victorian schools. Before starting the course, you will be required to complete a Working with Children Check form available at Australia Post offices. You must provide a certified copy of your valid Working with Children card before starting teaching placements. Confirmation of a criminal record may jeopardise your ability to gain access to a suitable, or any, practicum placement(s) and may therefore delay or prevent completion of the course.

Course structure

This course is a four-year full-time program. It consists of 480 credit points of study. Subjects are 15 credit points except where indicated.

First year                                                                                                                                         
Teaching period Subject name Subject code
TE-SEM-1 Academic Integrity Module (zero credit points) EDU1AIM
TE-SEM-1 Personalised and Active Learning (30 credit points) EDU1PAL
TE-SEM-1 First-year subject Discipline A  
TE-SEM-1 First-year subject Discipline B  
TE-SEM-2 Child and Adolescent Development EDU1CAD
TE-SEM-2 Teachers Understanding of Self and Others EDU1USO
TE-SEM-2 First-year subject Discipline A  
TE-SEM-2 First-year subject Discipline B  

Note: EDU1AIM is a not-for-credit online subject that students are required to complete at the commencement of their first semester. The subject is designed to enhance students' knowledge and awareness of issues concerning academic integrity.

Second year                                                                                                           
Teaching period Subject name Subject code
TE-SEM-1 Learning Multimedia Strategies EDU2LMS
TE-SEM-1 Elements of Education EDU2EOE
TE-SEM-1 Second-year subject Discipline A  
TE-SEM-1 Second-year subject Discipline B  
TE-SEM-2 Supporting Reading and Writing EDU2SRW
TE-SEM-2 Cultural and Indigenous Perspectives EDU2CII
TE-SEM-2 Second-year subject Discipline A  
TE-SEM-2 Second-year subject Discipline B  
Third year                                                                                                                          
Teaching period Subject name Subject code
TE-SEM-1 Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting EDU3CAR
TE-SEM-1 Curriculum Focussed Method EDU3CFM
TE-SEM-1 Elective (extra discipline subject or elective)  
  Teaching Method A  
  Teaching Method B  
TE-SEM-2 Effective Classroom Management EDU3ECM
TE-SEM-2 Project Based Method EDU3PBM
TE-SEM-2 Elective (extra discipline subject or elective)  
Fourth year                                                                                                                            
Teaching period Subject name Subject code
TE-SEM-1 Transition to the Profession EDU4TTP
TE-SEM-1 Supporting Diverse Learners EDU4SDL
TE-SEM-1 Curriculum Design and Implementation EDU4CDI
TE-SEM-1 Elective  
TE-SEM-2 Teacher as Researcher EDU4TAR
TE-SEM-2 Transition to Effective Teaching EDU4TET
TE-SEM-2 Diversity: Relationships, Gender and Sexuality EDU4DGS
TE-SEM-2 Elective  



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