University Handbook 2015

Bachelor of Physical and Health Education

Course code/s: Bendigo (EBPHEB)

This four-year degree qualifies you to work as a generalist primary school teacher and as a specialist physical and health education teacher in both primary and secondary schools, from prep to Year 12. As part of your studies, you'll also complete a student welfare sub-major that qualifies you for welfare positions in schools.

This course provides a qualification to teach in both primary and secondary schools. It combines studies in primary education with specialist studies in physical education, health and student welfare. Subjects are categorised as Foundation Studies, Teaching Studies, Curriculum Studies and Discipline Studies. Practicum and Field Experience programs provide essential classroom experiences that contextualise the theoretical components of Teaching, Curriculum and Discipline Studies. All students, by the end of the course, must have demonstrated the ability to meet the professional expectations for a beginning teacher.

Professional recognition

The course provides graduates with accreditation to register with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) as specialist physical education, health and student welfare teachers in the years Prep–Year 12 and as generalist teachers in primary schools.

Upon course completion, your academic record is released to VIT for teacher registration purposes. Students who do not want their academic record released to VIT must notify their Course Administrator in writing or email before the end of teaching in their last subject.

Admissions requirements

Applicants must satisfy the University's normal entrance requirements, including VCE Units 1 and 2: satisfactory completion in two units (any study combination) of General Mathematics or Mathematical Methods or Units 3 and 4: any Mathematics; and a study score of at least 30 in English (ESL) or 25 in English other than ESL.

Applicants with a study score of at least 25 in Health & Human Development or in Physical Education receive middle band consideration of 3 aggregate points per study.

Special entry provision for NONYR12 applicants is available.

Working with Children Check

The Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development requires a satisfactory criminal record check for all teacher education students undertaking practicum requirements in Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development schools. It is expected that equivalent requirements will exist for all other Victorian schools. Before starting the course, you will be required to complete a Working with Children Check form available at Australia Post offices. You must provide a certified copy of your valid Working with Children card before starting teaching placements. Confirmation of a criminal record may jeopardise your ability to gain access to a suitable, or any, practicum placement(s) and may therefore delay or prevent completion of the course.

Completion requirements

Prior to completing the course you must have completed a Level 2 First Aid Certificate and a AustSwim Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety Certificate. Evidence of holding current First Aid and Austswim certificates must be provided before you can be qualified to graduate from the course.

Course structure

This course is a four-year full-time program consisting of subjects totalling 480 credit points.

First year

Teaching period Subject name Subject code
TE-SEM-1 Academic Integrity Module EDU1AIM
TE-SEM-1 Language and Literacy EDU1LL
TE-SEM-1 ICT for Education EDU1ICT
TE-SEM-1 Concepts of Wellbeing EDU1CW
TE-SEM-1 Introduction to Teaching Practice EDU1ITP
TE-SEM-2 Working Mathematically EDU1WM
TE-SEM-2 Concepts of Communities EDU1CC
TE-SEM-2 Childhood in Contemporary Times EDU1CCT
TE-SEM-2 Introduction to Learning Theories EDU1ILT

Note: EDU1AIM is a not-for-credit online subject that you are required to complete at the commencement of their first semester. The subject is designed to enhance students' knowledge and awareness of issues concerning academic integrity.

Second year

Teaching period Subject name Subject code
TE-SEM-1 Managing Learning Environments EDU2MLE
TE-SEM-1 Teaching Creative Arts EDU2TCA
TE-SEM-1 Human Body Systems EDU2HBS
TE-SEM-1 Teaching Science EDU2TS
TE-SEM-2 Movement Studies 1 EDU2MS
TE-SEM-2 Teaching Humanities EDU2TH
TE-SEM-2 Exercise Physiology and Performance EDU2EPP
TE-SEM-2 Social Work in an Unequal World SWP1SWB

Third year

Teaching period Subject name Subject code
TE-SEM-1 Theories of Learning EDU3TL
TE-SEM-1 Skill Learning EDU3SKL
TE-SEM-1 Sports Biomechanics EDU3SBM
TE-SEM-1 Pathway to C21 Social Work SWP4PSW
TE-SEM-2 Student Welfare Experience EDU3SWE
TE-SEM-2 Public Health Nutrition PHE3PHN
TE-SEM-2 Sport and Skill Analysis EDU3SSA
TE-ALL-YR Middle Years Literacy & Numeracy EDU3MLN

Fourth year

Teaching period Subject name Subject code
TE-ALL-YR Physical Education Method: Prep to 12 EDU4PHE
TE-ALL-YR Health & Human Development Method: Prep to 12 EDU4HHD
TE-SEM-1 Movement Studies 2 EDU4MS
TE-SEM-1 Social Work Practice: Applications B SWP4APB
TE-SEM-1 Relationships, Gender and Sexuality EDU4RGS
TE-SEM-2 Health Promotion in Schools EDU4HPS
TE-SEM-2 Inclusive Sport Education EDU4INS
TE-SEM-2 Social Psychology of Sport EDU4SPS



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