Rebekah Hoath

Course of study:
Bachelor of Law and Psychological Science

Hi! My name is Rebekah Hoath. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Law and Psychological Science. In the future I wish to work as a lawyer, combining my two passions: law and psychology.

Being a student ambassador is a fantastic and enjoyable experience. I get to meet so many new and exciting people and it fits in nicely with my studies.

As a student ambassador I get the chance to use my own experience to help prospective students decide what pathways they wish to take in their academic future. It’s nice to know that my knowledge is useful and helpful for other students.

Make sure you check out all possibilities by looking at university websites and attending open days. Try to choose something you’re interested in, not what your friends and family want you to do.

La Trobe is a fantastic place to study. The lecturers and tutors are really friendly and available to help you at anytime. I’ve met so many new and wonderful people who are also studying here. The grounds of the university are so beautiful, it gives La Trobe a really nice atmosphere to study and socialise.