The House of Mirrors

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The artists Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney Get the inside information on the imposing House of Mirrors installation, from artists Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney. This event is an LAI Exhibiting Culture lecture in connection with the Bendigo Gallery House of Mirrors installation.

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Tuesday 18 April 2017 08:00 pm until Tuesday 18 April 2017 10:00 pm (Add to calendar)
La Trobe Art Institute; (03) 5444 7272
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Artists Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney
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Current Student: Undergraduate; Current Student: Postgraduate; Exhibition; Public Lecture
General Admission: $25.00 ($80 series) BAG and LTU Students: $20 ($65 series)


Lecture 1: House of Mirrors with artists Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney

Lecture 2: The Origins of the Mirror Maze with Fiona Trigg, Curator, Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), designer and technologist Timothy Sullivan, and Dr Karen Annett-Thomas, La Trobe Art Institute

Lecture 3: The Mystery of Mirrors with Dr Katherine Seaton, Associate Professor Mathematics & Statistics, La Trobe University; Dr Katherine Legg, Associate Professor Pharmacy and Applied Science, La Trobe University; and Dr Kent Wilson, Senior Curator, La Trobe Art Institute

Lecture 4: The Art of Mirrors with Dr Ann Stephen, Sydney University Museums and Art Monthly Australasia

La Trobe Art Institute invites you to engage with the House of Mirrors in the context of art history, contemporary arts practice and design, social history, mathematics and science. Each lecture is followed by drinks, and exclusive access to the House of Mirrors.

House of Mirrors is a fascinating walk-through installation composed of a labyrinth of seemingly endless mirrors, currently on display at Rosalind Park, Bendigo, through the Bendigo Gallery.

Constructed with forty tonnes of steel and fifteen tonnes of mirrors, the bare basics installation relies on precise geometry and spatial design to lose yourself in endless reflections. No added gimmicks, no special effects and no special lighting. The primary ingredients are carefully arranged mirrors, geometry and pure optical illusion.

Get the inside information on this imposing and impressive installation, from the artists behind the House of Mirrors, Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney. Join them as they discuss the motivations and inspirations behind their exciting project.

Christian and Keith's talk will be followed by drinks, and a private viewing of the installation, which is a short walk across the road.

Avoid the queues and learn more about this impressive artwork from the artists themselves.


Presentation: 8pm - 9pm, La Trobe Art Institute, 121 View Street Bendigo

Exclusive Access to House of Mirrors: 9pm - 10pm


General admission: $25 per session | $80 series

BAG Members and LTU Students*: $20 per session | $65 series (*Note: this lecture series is non-accredited)

Photo Credit: Artists Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney, by Keith Wagstaff ACS


La Trobe Art Institute, 121 View Street, Bendigo



25th Apr 2017 6:21pm

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