The e-Research office provides aid to researchers with computing, data storage, information management and data modelling, as well as providing access to grants/programs, software tools, potential external partners and other electronic resources.

You'll find information about existing and potential e-Research projects, collaborations and services and reference material to help you use e-Research techniques for your research and grants.


The e-Research office provides services related to High Performance Computing, Gaussian Computer, Research Storage, managing data and storing data, VPAC collaboration and provision of an Access Grid.


High value projects run by the e-Research office are typically about infrastructure and complex applications and tools to promote the eResearch capability of La Trobe University.

Funding and grants

A substantial number of high value grants are provided to Faculties each year.

Research Equipment Procurement

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eresearch-thmCome and visit us at the Research Park for a coffee and chat regarding your eResearch requirements.


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