Professional Experience

Innovative ways of organising practical placements

All courses that lead to an accredited qualification to teach in schools include practical experience or teaching Professional Experience component.

Practical experience is an important component of all undergraduate and postgraduate teaching courses. Teaching is a professional discipline and student teachers need the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become effective practitioners. Practical experience involves teaching in schools and other educational environments. It may also include other duties associated with the teaching profession.

The number of days required for practical experience depends on the course in which you enrol (eg Master of Teaching programs require 60 days and at least 10 days of supervised fieldwork combined with a professional placement, Graduate Diploma courses require 45 days of supervised teaching practice, Undergraduate Education courses require 80 days.) Students on teaching practice will be supervised by a qualified teacher.

All placements in schools and other educational settings will be organised by School's Placement Office. If you have a special request please contact the Placement Office after enrolment. On no account should you directly approach schools/centres to arrange their own placement unless it is a requirement of the placement or fieldwork.

We have various models for placement, including paired placement, team teaching and tandem teaching.

Find out more about the Paired placement model and the La Trobe Teaching School Program as well as how you can participate.