About Doctoral Studies in Education

A website for past, present and future candidates and supervisors

The School of Education doctoral web site is designed to provide an online repository for post-graduate research students and their academic supervisors.

Post-graduate research students undertake personal journeys that are essentially solitary. At the same time, La Trobe University is in the business of capacity building for research and research outreach. Academics are also complicit in their journeys and the relationships developed are likely to endure well beyond the candidature period. Friendships develop which are contingent on shared research interests with likely publications, grant application and new connections with institutions within the domestic and international contexts.

Aligned with the Australian Government's commitment to innovative research and international leadership, and as part of La Trobe's commitment to making a difference, community engagement and pedagogical reforms aligned with smart technologies, this web site seeks to support the following:

  • A networked Community of Graduate Research Scholars with ongoing links with La Trobe. 
  • An international network of graduates linked through a secure data base to research-sharing opportunities.
  • Using smart technologies:
    • A significant and innovative teaching and learning resource for doctoral level studies.
    • A professional learning resource for beginning supervisors.