The La Trobe Teaching School model

Program overview

The La Trobe Teaching School Program offers an outstanding professional placement opportunity for current students enrolled in a Teaching degree - enabling schools and the university to work together, ensuring that the quality of teacher education is a joint, cooperative venture.

Schools participating in this program are actively involved in the interview and selection of the PSTs coming into their classrooms. PSTs are based at the school in pairs for two days per week over the course of 1-2 semesters including in block placements by negotiation.

We work closely with partner schools to align the curriculum of teacher education programs with those used in schools. This approach allows deeper engagement with pre-service teachers (PSTs) through the Paired Placement model.

Evidence from the Teaching School model, now in its third year, shows that there are great benefits in the three-way interaction between the Supervising Teacher, PSTs and school students, developed over a sustained period. The design of La Trobe degrees that include pre-service education programs has been adjusted to free participating students for the required two days each week.

Research from our participating partner schools has provided evidence that the Teaching School model delivers work-ready PSTs with an enhanced professional understanding of the teaching profession. Graduates of the program are classroom-ready, having experienced up to a year of daily events and activities across the whole school community.

The Teaching School Model in action (Secondary)

The Teaching School Model in action (Primary) 


  • Principals and supervising teachers acknowledge the positive impact of primary and secondary school students' learning in Teaching School classrooms.
  • Schools have access to a dedicated member of our Academic Professional Experience Team; additional support and additional professional development opportunities
  • Supervising teachers are enthusiastic about the positive impact on school students learning in Teaching School classrooms.
  • PSTs report being fully immersed in the life of the school and integrated into a community of educators.
  • Supervising Teachers, university academics work alongside PSTs to ensure that university courses are pedagogically consistent with school curriculum approaches and directly link theory with practice.
  • The host school conducts interviews of eligible pre-service teachers ensuring that the selection of pre-service teachers in the La Trobe Teaching School model is a good fit for school culture.

How to apply

Students can log in to the La Trobe LMS and navigate to the ASSC Professional Experience – Placement Hub.


Associate Professor Catherine Lang
Director, Engagement and Professional Partnerships

Information for students

Lang, C., Neal, D., Karvouni, M., & Chandler, D. (2015). An embedded professional paired placement model: "I know I am not an expert, but I am at a point now where I could step into the classroom and be responsible for the learning". Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education. doi: 10.1080/1359866X.2015.1060296.