Arid Ecosystem Conservation Field Course - Calperum Station, Eastern South Australia

This field trip is part of ENV2AEC/ENV3AEC (15 Credit Points)

Subject dates: Monday 6 June 2016 to Friday 26 August 2016

Field trip dates (2016):  Saturday 9 July 2016 to Saturday 16 July 2016 (may be subject to change)

Duration: 8 days

Cost: $570 (in 2016) includes food, accommodation and travel

What you'll learn

At Calperum Station, students will study organisms and ecosystems through daytime excursions, team-based research projects, and through daily discussions and lectures. This subject will introduce students to the ecology of the Australian arid zone and reinforce and extend their capacity to undertake ecological research in the field.

About Calperum Station

Calperum Station is a pastoral lease located in eastern South Australia which is managed by the Australian Landscape Trust. The station lies just inside the transition from semi-arid to arid zone. The station supports extensive areas of mallee (low multi-stemmed eucalypts), some chenopod shrublands and riparian woodlands, and ephemeral wetlands.

Travel information

From Wodonga

Most of those taking the subject will leave from the Wodonga Campus and spend one day travelling by bus to Calperum. Six days will then be spent undertaking ecological studies in Calperum Station (north of Renmark) before returning to Wodonga on the eighth day. 

From Melbourne

Melbourne students may choose to catch a train from Melbourne to Swan Hill where they can join a bus to Calperum rather than travelling from Wodonga. They will need to reverse this journey when they return to Melbourne.

Pre-trip and post-trip requirements

Pre-trip materials (including background reading on the arid zone environment) will be provided online and student knowledge of this material will be assessed before the field trip.

Post-trip requirements will include the submission of a research report on the project conducted at Calperum and assessment of knowledge of the arid zone and field techniques acquired during the field trip.


Students who withdraw from the subject after Thursday 21st April 2016 will not be refunded the $120 accommodation component of the field trip.


For further information please contact Ms Rachel Gorman, 02 6024 9885,