Molecular Biodiversity

Strugnell lab

The Molecular Biodiversity Group

Current Members

  • Alvaro Roura Labiga (post-doc). 'Molecular ecology of wild common octopus paralarvae: applications for agriculture'. 
  • Carla dos Anjos de Souza (post-doc) 'Lost at sea? A targeted capture approach to understanding genetic structure in a clade of spiny lobsters'. 
  • Michael Amor (PhD student). 'Deciphering the taxonomy of the common octopus, Octopus vulgaris Cuvier, 1797; a global cryptic species complex?' Co-supervised by Dr Mark Norman (Museum Victoria). 
  • Jorge Ramos (PhD student). 'Life-history and population dynamics of the range extending Octopus tetricus (Gould, 1852) in south-eastern Australia.' Co-supervised by Dr Gretta Pecl (UTAS), Dr Jayson Semmens (UTAS) and Dr Natalie Moltschaniwskyj (University of Newcastle).
  • Brett Shiel (PhD student). 'Stress transcriptomics: development of tests to reduce the incidence of summer mortality in abalone.'
  • Laura Woodings (PhD student). 'Population connectivity in Eastern Rock Lobster (S. verreauxi).' Co-supervised by Dr Nick Murphy (La Trobe University), Dr Bridget Green (University of Tasmania) and Dr Geoff Liggins (NSW Department of Primary Industries). 
  • Erin Hill (PhD student). 'Forensic and population genetics analysis of introduced and endangered Hog Deer (Axis porcinus).' Co-supervised by Professor Adrian Linacre (Flinders University). 
  • Brooke Whitelaw (honours student). 'Deciphering the octopus venom proteome: a rich vein for pharmaceutical discovery.' Co-supervised by Dr Ira Cooke. 

Past members

  • Eloise Dowd (Honours student). 'Self-amputation as defence: The evolution of autotomy and regeneration in benthic octopods' (first class).
  • Michael Amor (Honours student). 'Deciphering the taxonomic status and phylogenetic relationships of an Australasian octopod species complex' (first class). Co-supervised by Dr Mark Norman, Museum Victoria.
  • Jan Hanzak (Honours student). Topic: 'Using whole mitochondrial genomes to investigate cephalopod phylogenetic relationships.'
  • Erin Morgan (Honours student). 'Populations genetics and the southern rock lobster, Jasus edwardsii.' Co-supervised by Dr Nick Murphy and Dr Bridget Green, University of Tasmania.
  • Erin Hill (Honours student). 'Genetic variations and structure of the endangered freshwater catfish (Tandanus spa). Co-supervised by Dr John Mitchell.
  • Ian Griffith (Honours student). 'Trans-Tasman population connectivity in two commercially important rock lobster species (Sagmariasus verreauxi, Jasus edwardsii, Decapoda Palinuriae).' Co-supervised by Dr Nick Murphy and Dr Bridget Green (University of Tasmania).
  • Nikeisha Caruana (Honours student). 'Potential toxicity of the southern bottletail squid, Sepiadarium austriumum, revealed through transcriptomics and venom proteomics.' Co-supervised by Dr Ira Cooke, Dr Pierre Faou and Dr Mark Norman (Museum Victoria).