Molecular Biodiversity

Strugnell lab

Recent funding

ARC Discovery Grant
Lost at sea? A targeted capture approach to understanding genetic structure in a clade of spiny lobsters. Dr Jan Strugnell, Dr Bridget Green, Dr Nicholas Murphy, A/Prof James Bell 

Funding $335,100 2015-2017

ARC Discovery Grant
Stress transcriptomics: development of tests to reduce the incidence of summer mortality in abalone
CI: Dr Jan Strugnell
Funding $225,000 2011-2013

Australian Biological Resources Study
Resolving the blue-ringed octopus fauna of Australia: taxonomy, phylogeny and human health hazards of the genus Hapalochlaena (Family Octopodidae). 
Dr J Finn, Dr M Norman, Dr J Strugnell, Prof CC Lu
Funding $45,000 2011-2013