Professor Mike Clarke discusses the Ecological Illiteracy Crisis on La Trobe University Big Fat Ideas

The Ecological Illiteracy Crisis

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Crops tricked to take up more phosphate

Discovery set to boost world food supply and reduce water pollution

Rescuing the red crabs of Christmas Island

A collaborative effort to save the ecosystem of Christmas Island

Sex in dragons

Genes and sex in lizards

Female scientists are role models on ice

La Trobe leads radical action for gender equality in Antarctic science

Eureka! La Trobe solves burning question

La Trobe University, Eureka Prize, wildfire, bushfire, fire research, Michael Clarke, Andrew Bennett, malllee, Emu-wren, Black-eared Miner, prescribed burning,

Sleep science goes wild

Animal sleep studies are about to head into the great outdoors

EEE Seminars

We host weekly seminars throughout the year, with a diverse range of Australian and international speakers. Seminars take place at 4 pm on Wednesdays unless otherwise stated - all welcome.

Semester One, 2017
8 March Glenn College, Airport Lounge Biological time-keeping in an urbanizing world: The role of artificial light at night. Davide Dominoni University of Glasgow
22 March Glenn College, Airport Lounge TBA Amy Edwards La Trobe University
29 March 4-5 pm
Hooper LT
Unlocking Evolutionary Secrets from Marsupial Genomes. Assoc. Prof. Andrew Pask (FF) The University of Melbourne
5 April 4 pm
Hooper LT
Doctor, why does it burn down there? Understanding the effects of fuel management and environmental change on fire and ecosystems in southern Australia. Luke Collins La Trobe University
12 April 4 pm
Hooper LT
Organisation versus scale: implications for conservation planning in variegated landscapes. Craig Nitschke The University of Melbourne
26 April 4 pm
Hooper LT
The science and politics of tree death. Roderick Fensham The University of Queensland
3 May 4 pm
Hooper LT
The trajectory of plant trait ecology: Where it's come from, where it's going to. Prof. Mark Westoby Macquarie University
10 May 4 pm
Hooper LT
Dr Nielsen: “Seed bank & dynamics in response to environmental watering”
Ms Campbell: “Vegetation outcomes of flow regimes across the Murray-Darling Basin: consideration of scale and level of organization”
Dr Gehrig: “Flows, floodplains and functions"
Daryl Nielsen, Cherie Campbell and Susan Gehrig MDFRC
17 May4 pm
Hooper LT

Integrated modelling for sustainability of coupled human and natural systems.

Brett ByanDeakin University
24 May 4 pm
Hooper LT

Forests, fire severity and interval squeeze: case studies from SE Australia.

Lynda Prior The University of Tasmania

The Conversation

The Department of Ecology, Environment and Evolution has several staff members who contribute to The Conversation, an independent news source, whose content is supplied by academics and researchers. The following staff feature on The Conversation: