Our people

Dr Craig Beverley

Affiliations: Victorian Department of Primary Industry
Background & Interests: Hydrogeology – Groundwater modelling and water resource use, Adjunct Professor La Trobe University

Dr Peter Box

Background & Interests: Management – Water entities and their management, Adjunct Professor La Trobe University

CWPM-joel-byrnesDr Joel Byrnes

Affiliations: Associate Director (Economics), AECOM Australia, Adjunct Professor La Trobe University
Background & Interests: Economics – Urban water management

Dr Joel Byrnes is an Associate Director at AECOM, an engineering and planning consultancy. He specialises in policy and regulation issues relating to the urban water sector in Australia. His PhD thesis examined the economics of water and wastewater utilities in regional NSW and Victoria. He has authored numerous academic articles on the topic and recently co-authored an Infrastructure Australia report into regional water quality and security. He is also an adjunct professor at La Trobe University in Victoria, Australia.

CWPM-tim-cluneDr Tim Clune

Affiliation: North East Water
Background & interests: Agronomy – Urban water use and sustainability, Honorary Associate La Trobe University

Dr Tim Clune is Manager Sustainability and Risk with North East Region Water Corporation (NEW). The Corporation provides urban water and wastewater services in north east Victoria, serving a population of approximately 110, 000 people across an area of 20,000km2. He has spent the last decade in the natural resource management roles across the public and private sector. Prior to his current role Dr Clune was Centre Manager at the Department of Primary Industries Rutherglen Research Centre, fulfilling both research and science management roles. As a Senior Research Agronomist at DPI Rutherglen Dr Clune focussed on the integration of perennial vegetation systems (both native and exotic) in annual cropping environments to address and mitigate dryland salinity in farming environments. In his current role Dr Clune is focused on the development of behaviours, strategies and systems to enhance the sustainability of water service delivery and manage business risk.

Dr Jason Crean

Affiliations: NSW Department of Primary Industry

Background & Interests: Economics – Water planning in Australia and impacts on agriculture

Professor Brian Dollery

Affiliation: Centre for Local Government, UNE
Background & Interests: Economics – Water management and local government 

Yukio KinoshitaDr Yukio Kinoshita

Afficliation: Faculty of Agriculture, Iwate University Japan
Background & Interests: Farm Management & Agricultural Economics

Yukio is Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics at Iwate University, Japan. Yukio has a PhD in Agricultural Economics and his fields of competence are primarily in agri-environmental policy and institutions for managing rural resources including water. He is currently engaged in research projects for the Japanese government and regularly provides advice to national and prefectural governments on agri-environmental policy. Yukio visits the CWPM at least once per year to progress projects funded by the OECD on agri-environmental policies and comparative research on farmer adoption of technologies.    

anna-robertsDr Anna Roberts

Affiliations: Victorian Department of Primary Industry
Background & Interests: Agronomy – Institutions for catchment management and resource allocation, Adjunct Professor La Trobe University

Anna is a Senior Research Scientist with the Department of Primary Industries, Victoria, Australia. She has 28 years experience in developing farming systems which minimise environmental impacts and knowledge on natural resource management problems including water quality, soil acidification, dryland salinity and biodiversity decline. Current work involves co-leadership of a multi-disciplinary team (ecology, economics, agriculture, social research) which has developed a framework to achieve cost-effective and realistic environmental outcomes at regional, state and/or national levels. This framework influencing state and national environmental policy in Australia. It is also generating significant international collaboration. Anna is also leading Victorian catchment modelling work linking impacts of farming systems to water quality outcomes at the catchment scale. Anna has served on a number of state and national committees and holds a PhD from the University of Melbourne.

Dr Sarah WheelerDr Sarah Wheeler

Dr Wheeler is a Senior Research Fellow with the Centre for Regulation and Market Analysis, in the School of Commerce at the University of South Australia. She graduated with her PhD in 2007, and her research interests are organic farming, water markets, crime and gambling. 

Sarah was born on an irrigated dairy farm in NSW, and grew up on a dryland mixed farm at the top of the Great Dividing Range in the New England region. She has worked as an economist both nationally and internationally, in places such as Rural Solutions South Australia, ESCAP United Nations (Bangkok), Environment Agency (UK) and South Australian Centre for Economic Studies.