Past Projects


A multifaceted study of Tangsa – a network of linguistic varieties in North East India

An ARC funded Future Fellowship for 2011-14.

Documenting, Conserving and Archiving the Tai Ahom Manuscripts of Assam

A British Library funded project for 2011-2014.

Australian Sign Language Assessment and Early Intervention Strategies Project

A 2011 project by Adam Schembri.

Describing Katla and Julud, Kordofanian languages of the Sudan

A project by Birgit Hellwig from 2006 to 2011.

Documentation of Goemai, a West Chadic language of Central Nigeria

A project by Birgit Hellwig from 1998 to 2005.

Meeting point: integrating Aboriginal and linguistics knowledge systems for description of contemporary revival languages in Australia

A project byTonya Stebbins from the CRLD and Christina Eira the Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages.

The Baining languages: a window on the history of Island Melanesia

A project by Tonya Stebbins.

Jivaroan Grammar Project

Simon Overall’s project investigates the Jivaroan languages of Peru and Ecuador.