Meet our student

Daniel Wright

Course of study:
Bachelor of Psychological Science

I find psychology fascinating because it is so practical. Fundamentally, psychology is about understanding people, why they think, feel and behave the way they do; and helping them as they deal with life.

One of the best things about the La Trobe psychology course is the number of dedicated psychology electives. Being able to do subjects like behavioural neuroscience has given me an understanding of how the brain functions and has formed an invaluable foundation for what I have been learning in my core units.

While studying, I have been working as a disability support worker, which has given me the opportunity to integrate what I have been learning in class with the practical demands of working with clients with complex needs.

La Trobe Bendigo is a campus with a vibrant social scene, which has given me the opportunity to make many amazing friendships. The staff are very accessible and the fact that lectures are recorded has been invaluable while working a job with flexible hours.

After finishing my course, I would like to work in mental health, with the possibility of going on to further study to become a clinical psychologist.

If you are looking to study psychology, I recommend getting work experience in your area of interest, to give you a clearer understanding of where you want to end up and to begin to develop the practical experience necessary to get a good job when you graduate.

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