Meet our student

Natale D'Onofrio

Course of study:
Bachelor of Pharmacy

I knew I was interested in the medical field and that I wanted to be in a career that would allow me to both communicate with people, and help them with their health problems and queries. Through previous work experience within a pharmacy environment I knew a Bachelor of Pharmacy was right for me.

Growing up in a family full of pharmacists, I thought I knew exactly where I wanted to take my career, and what to expect. Without the placement experiences I have had, I would not have been as aware of my career opportunities as I am now. After having my first week in a hospital pharmacy, my ideas were completely changed, and I now feel as though my career objectives have changed for the better.

The teaching staff in the Department of Pharmacy are definitely one of a kind. The Pharmacy staff have personal experience working as pharmacists in hospitals, retail settings and the lab and I feel that experience aids in the level of education I am getting.

I believe that my course is going to give me a number of different career opportunities and I intend to try a few. I see myself working in hospital pharmacy, and potentially moving into the corporate sector.

The atmosphere on campus at Bendigo is amazing, being someone who has had experience at both a metropolitan and regional university, people on campus at Bendigo are just so friendly, and there seems to be a really welcoming feel to the place.

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