Meet our student

Ms Meg Allen

Course of study:

“A career in speech-language pathology challenges you to use your intellect in combination with your humanity to do meaningful work that feeds your soul.”

Thanks to alumna Meg Allen for sending us this quote by fellow speech pathologist Megan Hodge. For the former La Trobe student it perfectly sums up her own experiences of the profession.

“Speech pathology is an amazing profession that offers a diverse range of career opportunities,” she says.

“Supporting people to communicate their needs, wants and desires is incredibly rewarding.”

Meg does just that in her job with Department of Education and Training. She works across nine primary and secondary schools in the Bendigo/Sandhurst/Campaspe area, helping students with speech and language impairments.

“I always knew I wanted to work with children, I was just unsure in what capacity,” she says. “I also had a keen interest in written language and was considering an arts degree however once I discovered speech pathology, I knew that was what I wanted to do.”

Meg says once she got stuck into her course she then realised how diverse the profession could be. “Who knew that speech pathologists work with adults after stroke and are even responsible for dysphagia (swallowing) management,” she says. “I was also surprised that we work with teachers to develop and support literacy.”

However for Meg, working with children remained her goal and she secured her job in fourth year before graduating. It’s a role that fulfils her daily.

“I work with students presenting with speech difficulties, language impairments, literacy difficulties and much, much more,” she says. “I also work very closely with psychologists, social workers and teachers.

The greatest highlight is working with hilarious, happy and bright little people all day.”

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