Meet our student

Katie Beriman Ms Katie Beriman

Course of study:
Master of Occupational Therapy Practice 2013

What made you decide to undertake Postgraduate studies?

I decided to undertake postgraduate studies as I had a strong interest in pursuing a career in the health field. I thought having a postgraduate degree would enhance my understanding of the health profession and open more employment opportunities as well. After already completing an undergraduate degree in another area I did not want to have to start again at undergraduate entry level, so the graduate entry masters programs that Latrobe offered were very appealing to me.

What pathway did you take to La Trobe?

I previously have completed an undergraduate degree in Psychological Science. After being unsure what area I wanted pursue further studies in I took a year off last year to work and travel overseas.

What made you decide to enrol at La Trobe?

After having completing my undergraduate degree at La Trobe I was keen to pursue further studies there. I very much feel at home at La Trobe and have enjoyed studying there. After researching into other Graduate Entry Masters Programs in Occupational Therapy around Australia, I was very impressed with the course that La Trobe offered. La Trobe is well known in the community for it’s Health Science faculty and the staff and resources that it offers, so this was a big draw card for me to apply for this course.

Where do you see the course taking you?

Although it is early days in the course I would love to work in a hospital environment as an Occupational Therapist, hopefully in the rehabilitation field. I am hoping that professional placement will help give me experience in a variety of different areas in Occupational Therapy and this will help guide me in a career path. I definitely think the course gives great career opportunities as it is focussed on developing practical skills that can be used on placement and later in our careers as OT's


What do you like most about your campus?

I love the community environment of Latrobe, people are down to earth and friendly and there is range of resources there to help you when you need. The study resources that the library offers are great. Our course has a strong emphasis on group work and collaboration. The library has great facilities that accommodate for this and allow groups of people to work together on projects and presentations.

Are there any other comments you’d like to make about your course, or about La Trobe generally?

So far I am really enjoying my course, my teachers and fellow students come from a range of different backgrounds and life experiences and which is great because we learn a lot from each other. We are learning practical skills already to prepare us for professional placement, I am looking forward to the opportunity to learn and further develop these skills on when we go on placement later in the year.

Do you have any good tips for other students considering undertaking Postgraduate Studies?

If you find the thought of postgraduate studies daunting the staff and resources at La Trobe are great. The staff are friendly and very approachable and there is great resources and programs there to make the transition easier for you.

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