Gallipoli, Anzacs and the Great War

The Anzac involvement in the Gallipoli Campaign has had a lasting cultural impact in Australia. Why is 25 April such an important day in the Australian calendar and why is Gallipoli considered sacred ground? On this website we have brought together a wide range of resources on Gallipoli, the Anzacs and the Great War that explain why there has been such continued interest.

The Gallipoli story

When the First Australian Imperial Force (AIF) soldiers landed at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915 they couldn't have imagined the impact their actions that day would have on the Australian people, so far in the future. In the century that followed, countless historical and fictional interpretations of the campaign have been written, thousands of monuments erected to the tragic youthful sacrifice. Each year Australians of all ages pay their respects in their tens of thousands by visiting Gallipoli in an act of pilgrimage.

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If you would like to learn even more about Gallipoli, the Anzacs and the Great War, enrolments are now open for our first year online subject bringing these topics together. If you are 16 years or older and live anywhere in the world, you are eligible to take this subject. You can use the subject credit towards a degree at any Australian university and many universities throughout the world.

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8 June–26 July. This is a credited first-year subject, running over seven weeks.


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Free podcasts on iTunes U

If you are interested in learning about the long history of the Gallipoli peninsula and surrounding landscape, we have produced a series of free downloadable podcasts that examine the area as a location of conflict for over three thousand years, and position the Anzac Campaign within mythical, historical, political and cultural context.

The Turkish perspective

Battlefield Archaeology at Gallipoli

The Imperial Camel Corp

Friendship at war

A History of Gallipoli before 1915

Charles Bean and the ANZAC Book

Grief and Commemoration of WWI

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