Notice of election - Student, for La Trobe University Council of 2018

Last year the State Government changed the legislation governing University Council membership which allowed staff and students the opportunity to nominate for elected positions on the University Council.

The student term on the University Council is for one year only and the current elected student member’s term comes to an end on the 31 December 2017, therefore the University is now calling for nominations for the election of a student to the La Trobe University’s Council. The term of appointment will be from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018.

Elected members do not "represent" the constituencies from which they are drawn. Rather they are expected to bring a student perspective to the University Council. All members, whether appointed or elected, are required by law to act at all times as trustees of the University and in the interests of the University rather than as delegates representing sectional interests.

As part of the nomination process, nominees must complete the online nomination form and provide details of their skills and experience relevant to service as a Council member. A link to the nomination form can be found at the bottom of this page.

Nominations to be received by midday Monday, 9 October 2017. Nominations have now closed

The election for the Student member of Council opens at 12noon Monday, 16 October and closes at 12noon on Monday, 23 October.


Council is the governing body of the University with responsibility for the general direction and superintendence of the University and may exercise all the powers, functions and duties of the University, subject to the Act, the University Statutes and University Regulations.

In broad terms, Council appoints and monitors the performance of the Vice-Chancellor, approves the mission, direction and strategic plan of the University and oversees the management and performance of the University. The responsibilities, powers and functions of Council are set out in sections 8 and 9 of the Act.

Council comprises ex-officio members, government and council appointed members, and elected members.

All Council members must act in the interest of the whole University and in accordance with the requirements of the Council members rights and responsibilities document.

Staff and students considering nominating for these positions are requested to read the following information:

For more information contact: elections@latrobe.edu.au