Council sub-committees

Clause 24 of the La Trobe University Act provides as follows:

Committees and delegation of powers

  1. The Council may by resolution constitute and appoint such committees as it thinks fit and may by resolution delegate all or any of its powers authorities duties and functions (other than this power of delegation and the power to make Statutes) to any such committee or to any member of the Council or to any officer of the University.
  2. Every delegation under this section shall be revocable by resolution of the Council and no such delegation shall prevent the exercise or discharge by the Council of any of its powers authorities duties or functions.
  3. Every committee appointed by the Council pursuant to sub-section (1) of this section shall report to the Council on its activities at such times and in such manner as the Council directs.

Council and Sub Committee's Organisational Structure [PDF 133 KB]

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Corporate Governance Audit and Risk Committee, La Trobe University Council

Finance and Resources Committee, La Trobe University Council 

Human Resources Planning Committee, La Trobe University Council

Infrastructure and Estates Planning Committee.

Foundation Committee