Max Colebourn - transcript

I'm Max Colebourn, I'm the head of Teaching Technology within ICT. I came here 14 years ago, I'd been in industry until then and I've been teaching postgraduate IT subjects here and in Malaysia and when the opportunity came to become Wodonga campus IT manager, I grabbed it with both hands. I joined the uni at a time when we were constructing major infrastructure to incorporate the regional campuses. During the period we actually built the campuses at Mildura, Beechworth, and as we are now building a new campus at Shepparton, but also the communications infrastructure to support them for instance that we had to build a microwave link between Mildura and Bendigo that's over 400 kilometres long and is 14 towers involved in this major project. We extended the microwave network to include Beechworth and Wodonga but this was a fairly big program. The network at that stage had only got as far as Shepparton.

Concurrent with that were the emergence of new technologies which required more and more infrastructure, things like video conferencing, combined lectures, interaction of telephony over the network, centralised computing facilities. So the period that I've been here has been essentially in development of the regional campuses so I was appointed regional campuses IT Manager at one point and oversaw all of that work.

My current job is ... I'm responsible for all of the teaching technologies across the university. I actually have a portfolio of duties that include the delivery of audio visual services and video conferencing for teaching, video conferencing for administration or non-teaching, delivery of the Lectopia lecture recording system, plus I also participate in planning and development for ICT on a university-wide basis.

My ultimate ambition is to become invisible. I'd like to see technology adopted in a manner that's seamless, that's invisible to the user but also integrates fully into the business process.

One of our current challenges is convergence, for instance there's requirements for staff and students to utilise devices such as iPads and laptop computers in the classroom and interact with the teacher. So the adoption of new technology seamlessly delivered and its integration with the business process, that's the way I'd like to see IT in a particular teaching technologies develop.