Be there for my first breath

When Elizabeth and Tim were expecting their first child, they were going through a life-changing, highly emotional event.

'When we found out we were going to have a baby it was exciting beyond belief, and also terrifying,' says Elizabeth. 'I don't know if you could ever be truly confident going into a birth for the first time.'

Be the difference - Sophie's story

At the time, Elizabeth and Tim were a young couple with limited family support. That's why their relationship with La Trobe Nursing and Midwifery graduate Clare was so important.

Clare graduated from La Trobe in 2012, and now works at the Royal Women's hospital. Through their antenatal appointments, Elizabeth and Tim built up a strong friendship with Clare that continues to this day.

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'To come across Clare the way I did and for her to be involved in my birth and pregnancy, I consider myself very lucky,' Elizabeth explains.

When baby Sophie was born, Clare found she was just as excited to experience the birth as Elizabeth and Tim were.

'It's a privilege to be able to spend that time with them and bring their child into the world and help it take its first breaths of life,' Clare says. 'I was able to bring this little monkey into the world, which was absolutely beautiful.'

'Everything is raw when you're going through this experience,' Clare says. 'You're excited, there are questions, there's uncertainty, and there's anxiety. As a midwife, being able to get involved in this lets you get to know a family from the start, as they really are.'

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